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204: Christmas Wishlist, Censorship, Serial, and Your Questions Answered

Here we are again!  Solopreneurs welcome to another Friday and another Q&A show!  After a week off, I decided to bring my great friend (and awesome photographer) Jenna Bienenfeld in studio for our weekly question and answer session. Because we always have a blast together, I thought she’d be a perfect person to banter with on […]

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200: A VERY Special Episode 200, Starring…YOU.

The Solopreneur Hour has been the best thing I’ve ever done. It has given me a chance to connect with people all over the world, hear their stories, share their successes, and guide those behind me on the timeline. As much as I teach, I learn so much from you and your struggles, wins, and […]

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196: Sustaining Success As A Solopreneur with Anna Vocino

As solopreneurs we all dream about that day when we “make it” in our business and our definition of “making it” is varied as our business ideas. But do you think you’ll simply stop dreaming, stop creating and stop evolving on that day? Probably not, not if you’re really going to pursue the true solopeneur path. Here […]

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195: Gratitude, Executing on Your Plan, and Your Questions

Gobble Gobble!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Today’s edition of The Solopreneur Hour is packed full of great questions, and gratitude. If you want to be part of the fun for next week’s Q&A show join us in the Facebook group here. Look for my post on Thursdays, write your question in the comments and then listen […]

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194: Rosie Tran – What Stand Up Comedy Can Teach Every Solopreneur (BEST OF)

Just as a great Solopreneur makes their success look effortless so too does a great comic.  In episode 45 stand-up comedian and fellow podcaster Rosie Tran and I have an insightful and funny chat about the similarities in a stand-up comedian’s journey and a solopreneur’s journey to that place of making it look easy. Some […]

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193: Why Branding is so Important, with David Roth (BEST OF)

Welcome to another Best of episode! For the 193rd edition of The Solopreneur Hour we’re revisiting my conversation with David Roth of Get Stirred Up. I’m bringing this one back because it is such a powerful hour-long chat about branding. If you’re new to the show just know branding is the thing I stress so […]

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192: Real Estate Ninja Tactics, A Touching Letter, and Your Questions

Welcome to the 192nd episode of The Solopreneur Hour. This one is extra special for real estate agents, flippers, and investors…this is your show. Listen in to hear how I unveil a technique for crushing your Facebook page, Instagram, and taking your business to the next level by selling neighborhoods, not houses. We also chat about what […]

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191: Magnus Walker – Taking A Leap of Faith

Our guest for the 191st episode of The Solopreneur Hour is the iconic Magnus Walker (find him on his blog here). Never heard of him? Don’t worry you won’t forget him after listening to this show. He’s spent his entire career zagging when everyone else was zigging, and is completely unapologetic for it.  Why should […]

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190: Repurposing Your Evergreen Content, with Derek Halpern (BEST OF SOLOHOUR)

See what I did there?! This show is the next iteration of my “BEST OF” series for The Solopreneur Hour. Every once in a while, there’s an episode that really sticks out for me.  I like to earmark that for a future “Best Of” episode and today fits that description.  This show with Derek Halpern was […]

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189: Customer Service Fails, and a Plethora of Your Questions

Why, hello Solopreneurs! Today, we’ve got another Q&A show, and it’s jam packed full of questions. You guys didn’t disappoint with your questions this week! If you’re new to the show here’s the scoop: every Friday we answer your questions on the show.  They are fun, informative, and sometimes hilarious. Send in your questions on the […]

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186: Finishing 2014 Strong, How To Start Racing, And Your Questions

Welcome to the 186th edition of The Solopreneur Hour! Here we are again at another Friday Q&A session. These are super fun shows where you send your questions to me on our Facebook group and I answer them on the show. Today we’re talking about finishing strong in 2014, getting into auto racing and a […]

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185: How To Quit Working, with Jeff Steinmann

On the 185th edition of The Solopreneur Hour we’re chatting with Jeff Steinmann of How To Quit Working.  We met at Nick Unsworth’s mastermind event earlier in the year, and are very sympatico with how we run our businesses. Jeff is an entrepreneur and fellow podcaster who helps people quit their corporate careers and become […]

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184: Porschecast, Live from Mexico – With Steve Foster, Radu Muntean, and Dave Bouzaglou

On today’s episode of The Solopreneur Hour, we’ll be talking with three remarkable solopreneurs I met over the weekend. During a 3 day car tour (called a “Targa”) in Mexico, I had a chance to sit down with  Steve Foster of SWB Studios, Radu Muntean of Tesla, and Dave Bouzaglou of TRE Motorsports,  one of the […]

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183: Targa Baja California, Dogs Named O’Neill, and Your Questions Answered

Here we are again with another installment of The Solopreneur Hour! For episode 183 I’m reporting live from the launch of the Targa Baja California. On the show today I take my recent car project and turn it into a solopreneurial lesson.  Then I jump right into your questions! We’ve got our usual smorgasbord: from my fantasy […]

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182: The World’s Angriest Trainer Just Created The World’s Best Vitamins, with Vinnie Tortorich

Returning for the 182nd episode of The Solopreneur Hour is our friend Vinnie Tortorich. He is back on the show to talk about the process, from start to finish, he went through to create his new vitamin line, Pure Vitamin Club. This show is a perfect example of how a solopreneur can create an entire […]

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180: Worst Podcast Ever, and Your Questions Answered

Welcome to the 180th edition of The Solopreneur Hour! Today is our usual Friday Q&A; you drop the Q’s and I come back with the A’s. If you want to be part of the fun and have your question answered on a show then join us on Facebook at the Proudly Unemployable group, right here. Look […]

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177: Dealing with Haters, Creative Live Unveiled, New Podcasting Kits, and Your Questions

Hi all! Welcome to the 177th episode of The Solopreneur Hour. Today we’re chatting about my last day in the Bay area, which was fantastic.  I also caught up with an old friend, watched a VERY exciting baseball game which sent the San Francisco Giants to the World Series, and then had lunch right across from […]

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175: Jimmy Kimmel LIVE with Anna Vocino

Returning for episode 175 of The Solopreneur Hour is our friend and co-host, the fantastically talented voiceover artist Ms. Anna Vocino. While I always love having co-hosts return, today’s episode with Anna is extra special. Last week, Jimmy Kimmel LIVE did a funny skit: “If SIRI Was a Waitress”.  A friend of mine sent it […]

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174: The Future of Solopreneur Hour, My Favorite Birthday Present Ever, and Your Questions Answered.

Once again, we’re at the Friday Q&A weekly episode of The Solopreneur Hour!  Every Wednesday or Thursday, I request your questions on the Proudly Unemployable group, then read ‘em on today’s show! On this show, I recap the Denver trip, including #planecast with John Lee Dumas and lesson after lesson about why you must say […]

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171: Blowing Off Your Boss, Planecast, Magical Refrigerators, and More of Your Questions Answered

Welcome to our usual Q&A on Friday on The Solopreneur Hour, we’re glad to have you here! On today’s show I give you a quick update on The Outlier Conference, Creative Live with John Lee Dumas, Planecast, iTunes reviews, and of course, we answer a bunch of your questions! Thank you for joining us on […]

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169: Making BIG Moves To Fulfill Your Dreams, with Vasavi Kumar

One of the most exciting parts of being a solopreneur is the freedom it gives us. We have the freedom to do with our time as we choose and we have the freedom to create the income we desire, we have no boss who caps how much we can make. And we also have the […]

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168: Selling Out, Facebook Groups FTW, and A Bevy of Other Listener Questions Answered

Today’s Friday Q & A on The Solopreneur Hour is brought to you by Godaddy, and by my buddy Nick Unsworth.  I’m grateful they sponsored the show and I’m grateful to all of you for sending in your questions. There’d be no A’s without your Q’s so thanks for chiming in! I always love these Friday […]

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167: Learn How To Get “In The Flow” & Be Super Productive with Andy Murphy

What is the flow state and can anyone get into it? How does being in it help solopreneurs like us? Over the last year or so, I’ve heard the phrase “in the flow” over and over again…but always wondered how to GET in the flow. With this show, we dig into exactly how to reach that […]

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166: A True Millionaire Mindset At The Age of 24, with Founder and CEO, Nathan Latka

Today’s co-host is an architecture major turned “sudden entrepreneur”.  From his time teaching tennis, to running a t-shirt company, to working his way through the Facebook marketing ranks with various companies, he has always felt the entrepreneurial bug.  Building a successful Facebook fan page business from his dorm room, he did over 70k in revenue…while […]

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163: Oddball Comedy Fest, Isalab, Beach Yoga, and YOUR Questions

On this episode of The Solopreneur Hour, we talk about the great weekend I had in Orange County at the Oddball Comedy Festival, with Louis C.K., Aziz Ansari, Bill Burr, Marc Maron, and two VERY special guests. We also chat about the latest in Isalab, and then get to your questions! More About This Show […]

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162: The Anatomy of a Product Launch with Natalie Sisson

Today Natalie Sisson and I walk step by step through her latest product launch.  This episode is brought to you by Godaddy and my pal Nick Unsworth. There’s a reason she’s been featured in countless publications, and why her book is a bestseller on Amazon, Natalie walks her talk. She never teaches anything she hasn’t […]

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156: Isagenix Celebration Download, and Your Questions Answered

One of the most important parts of growing your business as a solopreneur is going to events. And that’s what I’ve been up to the last two weeks! I’m super excited to share it with you in this episode of The Solopreneur Hour. We’ll chat about Isagenix, my network marketing company’s annual event and how […]

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155: When Matt Rockwell Speaks, People Lean In

Matt Rockwell is a buddy of mine from the network marketing company I’m in,  Isagenix. Prior to Isa, he was in the corporate of corporatest jobs, the US Healthcare system.  This was a great chat…despite the fact that we never got into pro/audiophile sound systems, Matt dropped knowledge bombs all over the place…especially if you’re in the direct […]

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147: You Asked, I Answered! (Questions From Facebook)

Welcome to another addition of The Solopreneur Hour. Today we’re doing another installment of answering your Facebook questions. This is exactly what I do with my coaching clients, either private or in SoloLab. So if you want a taste of that, chime in with your question and I’ll do my best to answer them on these […]

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145: A $135,000 Business Education for just $100, with Omar Zenhom

In studio today is former teacher and basketball player turned internet business instructor and solopreneur, Omar Zenhom. We talk hoops, how messed up iTunes is for Podcasters, how get got a bunch of haters by giving away a free webinar on Podcasting, why the teaching profession is screwed up, and how to get the equivalent of […]

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144: Messages From The Oracle (Your Facebook Questions Answered)

Welcome to another addition of The Solopreneur Hour. Today we’re doing another installment of answering your Facebook questions. I love doing these shows, so keep those questions coming! Here’s what you’ll discover on this show: If Google Plus is on the way out…or about to explode. Should you hire a copywriting pro or trust your […]

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143: Creating A Kickass Online Training Course, with Chandler Bolt

There’s a belief that as solopreneurs, if we just hustle and keep looking for it, opportunity and success will find their way to us. Our guest for episode 143 is a great example of that. Chandler Bolt is a best-selling author and marketer who trains others how to write and sell their ebooks successfully on […]

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142: 9 Lessons Comic-Con Can Teach A Solopreneur

Comic Con started in 1970 as a place where people who collected comic books would gather. That first year there were 300 people.  Forty four years later in 2014, there were 150,000 people who attended! And all of those 150,000 people cram into one little section of San Diego called the Gaslamp District. It’s a pretty […]

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140: Michael Answers YOUR Solopreneur Questions

Hey all! I posted to the Proudly Unemployable Group to see if anyone had questions for today’s show. I answered all kinds of cool questions. Here’s what you’ll learn: What I’m doing with my two presentations at Podcast Movement, and who my star-studded guests are A great way to “fill the funnel” if you’re in […]

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133: 1 Million Downloads

In this special episode, celebrating 1,000,000 downloads, it’s just you and me. I talk about where I was when I launched the show, go over the 8 steps to becoming a successful solopreneur, and play a bunch of listener clips. Here’s a link to the movie of me waiting for the millionth: MORE ABOUT […]

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128: Awesome Listener Questions from Facebook

Please Visit Our Sponsors For Today’s Episode: Godaddy – $1.99 Domain Names Godaddy – 28% Off Your Entire Order! Swiftly – Just $19 For Super Quick Design Work! One of my favorite shows to bring to you is today’s format: you and me and your questions. You’re the reason this show exists so it’s always a pleasure to spend an hour […]

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112: You can DO This!!! (& Listener Facebook Questions)

One of the hardest things about launching a solopreneur business is realizing that you possess the knowledge, support, and skillset to be successful.  We all have this habit of second-guessing ourselves, and then we suffer from “paralysis by analysis”, and we don’t end up doing anything. The key is learning when “enough is enough”, and […]

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97: A Gratitude Walkabout

Giving thanks is one of the most important things we can do as solopreneurs. Whether it’s being grateful for a win in our business or being grateful for our personal growth and progress, gratitude is fundamental to every aspect of our lives. In episode 97, I take time to reflect on the incredible success this […]

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84: Jolene Manuel – Making A Living From Dating

Have you ever watched the show “The Millionaire Matchmaker”? Ever wondered what it’s really like to be a matchmaker today? In a world full of Tinder, The Bachelor and eHarmony, Jolene Manuel joined the show to give us the inside scoop on connecting people in the romance department and how she’s earned her stripes as […]

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79: Product (or Service) Launch 101

In this solo Solopreneur Hour (See what I did there?) I wanted to help de-mystify the launching process…whether it was a product, a service, or an affiliate business.  I used a guide created by the Suitcase Entrepreneur herself, Natalie Sisson. You can find the guide in the Resources section at the bottom of the notes. […]

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72: How To Identify Your Business, Find Your Perfect Audience, and Nail Your Brand

Today’s episode is a culmination of questions and case studies from various coaching calls I’ve done over the last few weeks.  Some of the most common questions or problems have to do with identifying your perfect business, defining your audience, and truly nailing your brand, which will completely illuminate the correct path for you to take from […]

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64: FREE Career Advice. Find Your Swing™ 7 With Dawn Marrs (dot com)

Welcome to Find Your Swing™ Episode Number 7!!! This show and the six before it,  are devoted to giving you, the listener, free career advice. If you haven’t listened to one of our other FYS shows, here’s how it works: listeners write to myself and the effervescent Dawn Marrs (dot com) with their questions about their […]

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61: Wes Chapman on Creating Massive Success From Massive Adversity

If I handed you a script that told the true story of Wesley Chapman’s life, you’d hand it back and tell me “it’s too outlandish…no one will believe it”.    From being abandoned and abused at a young age, to becoming one of the most brilliant consultant/strategists featured on NBC, Forbes and TechCrunch (just to […]

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59: The True Key to Sales Success with Vanessa Horn

In this episode, I sit live with the lovely and talented Vanessa Horn, who shares the true secret to sales  success, no matter what your industry. One of the most intriguing things about Vanessa and her work (and why it pertains to you Soloists), is her passion for living the “hell yeah” moments of life […]

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58: The #1 Action To Propel Your Business Forward in 2014

Are you really ready to move forward in 2014? And by forward I mean make a MAJOR leap? Then I have great news for you: this episode focuses on the number one thing you can to make that happen this year. So what is it? What is the top action you can take that is […]

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56: Taking Imperfect Action, Maximizing Events, and Becoming Unemployable

In episode 56 I devote an episode to just chatting with you my Soloists.  I cover a lot of ground in this show, including maximizing the value of events like New Media Expo, the value of imperfect action and the finer points of creating a powerful and successful podcast. Attending an event like NMX is […]

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