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Thank you for your interest in appearing on The Solopreneur Hour Podcast, nominated as “Best New Show” by Stitcher radio.

Launched in 2013, Michael O’Neal has interviewed over 800 successful entrepreneurs, musicians, actors, athletes, authors and more, including Adam Carolla, Hines Ward, Jack Canfield, Bret Michaels, Jordan Harbinger, Scott Page from Pink Floyd, and many many more.

With over 10 million total listens, Michael’s deep-dive interview style will be an experience unlike anything you’ve experienced in the podcasting space.  Here’s what his peers say about his interviews:

“Michael always delivers. Funny and entertaining, well-practiced on the mic. <chef’s kiss>” – Jordan Harbinger

“I’ve been interviewed thousands of times since 2012. 90% of the hosts are boring, 5% forgettable, and then the remaining 5% are exceptional and bring out the best in the guest and deliver an amazing product to the listeners. Michael O’Neal is the top 5% of this final 5%. Simply a STUD on the mic.” – John Lee Dumas

“Michael is one of the most professional hosts in the industry. If you want to get interviewed by someone that takes the art of interviewing seriously, this show is absolutely worth going on 🔥” – Travis Chappell

“Michael is hands-down one of the best interviewers I’ve ever come across. I’ve done hundreds of interviews, and his are always memorable, fun, and interviews I want to share!” – Pat Flynn

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Michael O’Neal Podcast Interviews:

There have been hundreds.  Here are a few of my faves.

Michael O’Neal Speaking Engagement Highlights:

  • Social Media Marketing World
  • Traffic and Conversion Summit by Digital Marketer
  • Agents of Change, Portland Maine
  • Podcast Movement Dallas
  • We Are Podcast Brisbane Australia
  • Podfest Orlando
  • Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference Philadelphia
  • New Media Expo/Blogworld Las Vegas
  • New Media Summit San Diego
  • Tropical Think Tank Cebu Philippines
  • FinCon
  • Creative Live San Francisco
  • Isagenix Social Media Roadshow
  • Thrive 2016 (emcee)
  • Many many more.