targacaliforniaHere we are again with another installment of The Solopreneur Hour! For episode 183 I’m reporting live from the launch of the Targa Baja California.

On the show today I take my recent car project and turn it into a solopreneurial lesson.  Then I jump right into your questions! We’ve got our usual smorgasbord: from my fantasy football flubs, to men’s fashion, to the current state of telecommunications, to promoting your podcast via social media.

As always, you guys deliver the great questions, and I knock ’em down. If you want your question answered join us on The Facebook here. Now let’s get to those questions! Enjoy.

More About This Show

Martin Shaw
Since you had “plane-cast” are you going to do “porsche-cast”?

As a former designer what would you say the most difficult part was dealing with technical type people/businesses. What advise would you give these people/businesses when working with a designer?

Alexa Williams Meisler 
Can you explain about panning right and left during a podcast. Exactly how do you set that up?

Dwain Scott 
Where have you found the best growth for the podcast in social media?

Mick Russell 
When are we going to see more video from you??? And do you think short form or long form best?

Jack W Warren 
You noted a month or so ago that in the list of most downloaded podcasts there were a ton of NPR programs and you thought that the production quality had a lot to do with it. Wouldn’t you think that a bigger part of it is their existing audience?

Kenneth Allen Morris 
What do you think about AT&T being sued by the FTC for throttling customers with unlimited data?

Marie-Helene Di Benedetto 
Random one : when you start creating content (podcast or other) how do you get the word out there? Because eventually you have to market your marketing if you want people to notice you, right? How do you start the whole thing and do you think you need to use paid ads to do so?

Gadget Dealz 
How much money are you currently making as a soloprenuer?

BCA-1470_30off_300x250 BCA-1470_149COM-728x90

Demetrio Flores 

I invented a product for the Offroad niche, following your advice from last week’s Q&A I will be selling in December instead of January (had to hustle a little more). I am really inclined to have it be a “Made in the USA” product but my entrepreneurial buddies want me to go to China or Mexico (Tijuana if I want to stay local).

My profit margin will be over 35% being made here in SoCal. I believe people are willing to pay more and are returning to American made products, what are your thoughts on this?

Alex Kiziah 
Here’s a situation. You have a $300 budget, you’re a solopreneur, you suck at fashion, and you need a go-to outfit or two you can throw on to look classy but not fully dressed up at any time. What do you buy? (shoes, pants, shirt, watch, etc…) This may or may not be my situation….

Jonny Keeley 
Two questions –
1- What is your favorite Halloween candy, now and as a child?
2- How do you transition from aim, aim, aim, aim, … to taking imperfect action?

Jace Jacobs
What do you really think about people who give their dogs middle names? Shout out to my dog, Kona O’Neill Jacobs

Lara Loest 
If you redrafted for your fantasy team today who would your top three picks be? And prepare to be trounced this week by my FF team!

Miriam Ortiz Y Pino 
Any suggestions about getting interviews and sharing posts with people with larger lists? My list building has been excruciatingly slow considering the number of appearances I’ve had. I need to be doing interviews with the next level up but have had a hard time making the connections. Including with you – way back when you were soliciting interviews – I replied and the next thing you said was you wouldn’t consider such a small list. So, what to do?

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