turkeyGobble Gobble!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Today’s edition of The Solopreneur Hour is packed full of great questions, and gratitude. If you want to be part of the fun for next week’s Q&A show join us in the Facebook group here. Look for my post on Thursdays, write your question in the comments and then listen in to the show on Friday!

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More About This Show

Parvinder Nijjar 
Who is the best candidate for solo lab? What has the biggest success of sololab been?

Flip Aguilera
A review of Infusionsoft.

Parvinder Nijjar
Also, will Isalab be coming to the UK?

David Ralph 
Last year’s “Thanks Giving Show” was a solo one recorded from your friend’s home. Are there changes in where your gratitude would be directed now the show is in its second year?

Catharine Symblème 
Just starting out here, so pretty elementary question: If my business solves the problem, “I need more customers/clients/subscribers”. How on Earth do I calculate the price of that problem? In other words, what the heck am I supposed to charge for my services?

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