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Today we talk about why podcasting, where it’s been and where it’s going in 2015, how to make your network marketing business work for you, whether or not to keep your competitors as your Facebook friends, the best way to connect with the leaders in your industry and much more.

Thanks to every one of you for tuning in on a regular basis.  Now…on to the questions and episode 198 of The Solopreneur Hour!

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Dan Harper
So, I notice that a few people are going the way of the podcast. There’s been a few things that are buzzing around my head about podcasts recently that maybe you guys have figured out and can enlighten me.

  1. So, I used to listen to podcasts on my iPod before the iPhone came about. Mr Dumas mentioned on I think Michael’s podcast how Apple shared with him some awesome stats about podcast adoption. Michael has also mentioned we’re heading into a podcast 3.0 phase. Is there any resource/figures/numbers I can get a hold of that show this?
  2. If you’re doing a podcast, why? Is it a method to get yourself setup as the expert in a particular field? What’s the end game? Or can you run a business just with a podcast?
  3. What other formats are around that are not interviewing people? Do interviews give a particular edge over other formats?
    Just my thoughts so far. I want to understand podcasts, but I don’t think it’s “clicked” for me yet.

Brad Brown 
I’m thinking of closing my personal Facebook profile and starting a joint one with my wife, do you think this is a great idea? Haha in all seriousness, would like reach out to Vinnie and Anna from the Angriest Trainer podcast to invite them to speak at an event, what do you think would be the best way to go about it?

Brian Kessler
New tag line: The Solopreneur Hour Podcast: Where Michael O’Neal answers Brian Kessler’s questions.

  1. I first heard you on Entrepreneur on Fire. I believe that was the very day that you launched the Solopreneur Hour. Though John Lee Dumas had not blasted out of the stratosphere yet he was definitely a rising star. How did you initially connect with him?
  2. Did you find something of value to offer him or had you connected with him in a personal setting first?
  3. What’s your bench bro?
  4. What steps do you take or what questions do you ask yourself when zeroing in on your perfect customer or “avatar”?
  5. You came up with your “Sexy 6” as a way to get email sign ups. How did you decide on that freebie?
  6. What’s your favorite San Diego restaurant?
  7. Have you ever considered getting a buddy for Dexter?
  8. Is Facebook marketing dying?

Pick one or all of them. I’ve got more for your next Q&A.

Parvinder Nijjar
Where do you fall in the marvel comics vs dc debate?

Shariff Abdallah
Hello Michael – I’ve been listening to your podcast for sometime now and really enjoy getting to know you through The Solopreneur Hour. My question regards network marketing – specifically the Health and Wellness industry which you’re very familiar with:

  1. How fast should I expect my business to grow using Social Media Marketing as a tool knowing that I’m doing it on a part time basis?
  2. What resources would you use other than SoloLab to secure growth in January leading into 2015?

Thank you for everything you do.

Robert Bone
Hi Michael, it’s a short question with quite a bit of background, but I think it’s a question many solopreneurs will relate to: Should I remove competitiors from my Facebook friends?

I work in an industry where it’s very easy (almost expected nowadays) for hobbiests to enter the marketplace and charge for their services. As a full time pro of over 8 years quite a few of these have added me as a Facebook friend.

I have quite a few clients of mine also on Facebook but don’t feel comfortable when the competition starts liking and commenting on posts left by my clients. I also don’t like giving the competition easy access to my business movements, branding and ideas.

I also find seeing their posts distracting, often either jealousy (“How the heck did they get that gig? I should have got that!”) or frustration (“How can someone give such a bad service and charge for it?!”)

I set up a business page and remove the competition from there when they click Like – especially if I plan to do advertising it seems silly to pay for adverts for those that Like my page if it’s the competition.

On a side note, I’m working on a product (ebook with audio and video files) to guide amateurs into enterering the marketplace professionally.

Sandy Sidhu
If 2014 was the year of the podcast, what do you predict will be big in 2015?

Jace Jacobs
Wazzzzup Michael? I’m intrigued about the season format for podcasts. What are your thoughts on having a season 1, 2, 3 … with a set number of episodes for each season instead of just episode 1,2,3 …? Shout out to Dexter.

Alexa Williams Meisler
Which guest have you had the biggest learning experience — aha moment for your own life or business?

Christine Kaczmar
What is the biggest professional goal you have outlined for yourself? How soon will you achieve this and what is the one habit that will accelerate this outcome?

Brian Kessler
You need to earn $100 by the end of the day. The only tool available to you is your iPhone. What would you do?

Thomas Allison
Just wanted to say “Thank You!” for providing a great podcast and information. You are an encouragement to us! – Tommy @thecruisedudes

Jill Guarino Brown
Hi Michael, I have my own Landscape Coaching business and have done all the business set up solo by figuring it out via online education. (Your podcast among one of them.) I’d like the take the next step and have a professional review my online business with fresh eyes then provide feedback on branding, social media outreach, and website analysis.

Where do you suggest us solopreneurs even begin? I’m looking for one person/group who could tackle it all and provide me action items that I can run with.

Lara Loest
What’s your favorite Christmas treat?

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