200The Solopreneur Hour has been the best thing I’ve ever done. It has given me a chance to connect with people all over the world, hear their stories, share their successes, and guide those behind me on the timeline.

As much as I teach, I learn so much from you and your struggles, wins, and home runs.  This special 200th show is about you, dear listener, and this is my show dedicated to, and starring, only you.

More About This Show

On today’s episode you’ll hear the impact this show has had on many listeners, what it’s meant for them and their businesses and how they’ve shifted as a result of tuning in. We hear from SoloLab members about new businesses they’ve begun, and from other unemployables about the actions they’ve taken.

I asked people to record their answers to several specific questions and then send me the recordings. Although we won’t go into detail on every question they answered, we’ll discuss a few of them here.

The first thing I asked was how people heard about this show. Many of you heard me on Entrepreneur on Fire, while others searched for “solopreneur” on iTunes and found us there. And yet others of you found the show through a friend’s recommendation…a few of you don’t even remember how you found the show!

I also asked what you were struggling with when you first began listening to the show. There was a common theme among those of you who answered and it was you were looking for more. You wanted to do work that was fulfilling and that you looked forward to every day. Some of you wanted to take your businesses to the next life as well, another station we solopreneurs encounter in our lives.

Two questions that got a wide variety of answers were about your favorite episodes and the advice that has stuck with you from listening to the show. On the first question about favorite episodes there were some consistent favorites like the Q&A shows we do on Fridays, and all of the John Lee Dumas episodes, and all of Michael Johnston’s appearances. A number of you also loved the Michael Gerber episode and hearing our very own David Ralph go from listener to guest of the show.

About the advice you’ve picked up and held onto from this show, there was also a variety of answers. For some of you it was about finding the impetus to take action and being okay with imperfect action, for others it was about honing in on and really nailing your brand. For others you discovered the path to a healthier body and bank account, and others of you have finally gotten what that failure is part of being successful.

I also asked you what your ideal solopreneur lifestyle looks like, and the resounding answer was freedom. We all want time freedom to do what we want when we want and to be beholden to no one but ourselves. Naturally we want the financial freedom to go along with that, but for many of us it’s not about building skyscrapers and huge businesses.

Rather it’s about taking care of those we love and having enough leftover to travel and live wherever we chose. And that location freedom was another piece of the puzzle for some of you, being able to travel and live anywhere in the world for however long we chose is a vital part of being solopreneurs.

There are several other questions you’ll hear the answers to on this episode, but the one I’ll leave you with is your response to how you’re now helping others as a result of listening to this show. Many of you are leading by example, becoming podcasters, speakers, and authors in your own right. Others of you are helping the world through your own online products and programs.

It’s incredible to know the trickle-down effect the show has had for you and to know you’ve been inspired, changed and emboldened by what we’re doing here. Whether you sent in a recording or not, thank you all for making episode 200 happen.

Without you there is no such thing a The Solopreneur Hour, no show and no me! I couldn’t have done all of this without you and I am incredibly grateful for your time, your attention and your actions. Here’s to taking imperfect action, making a difference and enjoying our solopreneur lives! See you all next time.


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