Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 10.12.54 PMSo often solopreneurs think of branding as simply a logo and a company name. But if you’re a regular listener you know branding goes much deeper than that and you know how important it is to nail your brand, and how much easier it makes everything when you do. To highlight the importance of the process, and the process itself, today’s episode is a case study in branding.

David Roth and Rick Bacher of Get Stirred Up join us to talk about one company they recently worked with and what that experience was like. Ryan Pence is one of the founders of the company they rebranded and we walk through that process together on the 202nd episode of The Solopreneur Hour.

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Our long-time listeners will recognize David’s name and remember him from his previous visits to the show, which you can find here. David is the head of Get Stirred Up, a company that specializes in branding. Up until recently, David and his team had solely worked with large corporations to do branding and rebrands.

But David was interested in shifting gears a bit and wanting the challenge of helping smaller start-ups. This meant they’d have to condense the timeframe of their branding process because they’d also be lowering their fees, but it also meant they could branch out and work with exciting newcomers in new marketplaces.

When I met Ryan at a recent Reddit event in San Diego, he told me he was starting a new company that provides event information and tickets for craft brewing events around the country. They were in the branding stage of things and I thought they might be a good fit for David’s new endeavors. I introduced them and connected them and let them take it from there. A few months later they had developed a new brand for Ryan and his company and they were ready to talk about the process that led them there.

More About This Show:

  • Why rapport is so critical when working with a team like David’s.
  • The connection between the grocery store and your brand: how to make the link.
  • How Brewventix came to be.
  • Why Brewventix chose the tagline they did, and what that has to do with you.
  • True or false: Get Stirred Up revised their focus as a result of working on this project?
  • And SO much more!



Typically when Get Stirred Up is hired to work with a company that company is earning revenues of $20 million or more. Obviously that wasn’t the case for Ryan and his business partner. So the timeframe was scaled back from months to weeks, and the deliverables were condensed as well. And when Ryan and Matt (his partner) showed up ready to do the work, David and Rick were ready for them.

One of the first things they did after agreeing to work together was to find out what Ryan and Matt liked and didn’t like in terms of companies, logos and customer service. A few of the questions they had to answer were questions like: If you were a grocery store, either a chain or a one-off, what store would you be? If you were an automobile what would you be?

Ryan and Matt also had to list companies who had great customer service and share logos, brands they really liked. David and Rick wanted to know where Ryan and Matt spent their time, the companies they were loyal to, companies that had a “stickiness” factor in their minds and to explain why they liked the visuals they liked. It was an intense part of the process and one that usually takes awhile, but Ryan and Matt were so committed and so gung-ho for the opportunity that they answered all of those questions far faster than expected.

So the process moved along quickly and generally smoothly. Matt and Ryan already had a name picked out, but they were open to changing it if that’s what Get Stirred Up suggested. Because Matt and Ryan were willing to put aside their egos and their pride, they made the branding process a lot less difficult than it has been in the past for David and Rick.

In fact they did change the company name to Brewventix. David and Rick brought them four other options, but Brewventix was the solid winner. And from there they chose a tagline from several suggestions and then the visual piece began.

Rick went through his normal process of gathering information, reviewing it, researching more (although only online because of the time and financial constraints of the project) and then letting his designer brain take over. Again, much faster than usual, they brought a few different options to the table and all agreed to the final work that is today’s Brewventix.

Both parties learned a ton of valuable lessons along the way. For Rick he took a look at how Get Stirred Up had been positioning itself and he made a shift. They now consider themselves the brand staging experts. Much like someone will stage a house for sale, David and his team stage a company’s brand from top to bottom. They revamped the web site, added new and different case studies and are excited to work on future projects like this one.

For the guys at Brewventix it obviously meant a new brand and a new position for the company, but it also meant a greater appreciation for the branding process itself. Ryan would happily pay to work with Get Stirred Up again, he and Matt were so pleased with the experience and the end result.

On this episode we dive deeper into details on every step of this experience and we talk about how you can apply this to your business, listen in to hear the full scope of our discussion. It was a fascinating episode with tons of value for all solopreneurs. Thanks to David, Rick and Ryan for being here and thank you for joining us!  See you next time on The Solopreneur Hour.

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