mikenjennaHere we are again!  Solopreneurs welcome to another Friday and another Q&A show!  After a week off, I decided to bring my great friend (and awesome photographer) Jenna Bienenfeld in studio for our weekly question and answer session. Because we always have a blast together, I thought she’d be a perfect person to banter with on today’s episode.

If you’ve missed these previously I take questions in our Proudly Unemployable group on Facebook (find it here) on Thursday. And then I answer them on the air for the Friday episode.

On today’s show we talk about our Christmas wishlists, censorship, the oh-so-popular podcast Serial and finally, your questions. So let’s get on to it! Here’s the 204th edition of The Solopreneur Hour.

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And here are your questions…

Dwain Scott
Let’s talk bikes! For someone that is looking to purchase a good bike what do you recommend? Want to ride trails and around the city I live in.

Mark R. LePage
What’s on your Christmas List?

Mick Russell
New Years Eve… Is it sad that you don’t want to get drunk so you can get up in the morning and keep hustling…. ?

David Bisek
If you were a new solopreneur and wanted to focus on your first product that you charged for – what format would you choose – ebook, webinar, 1 on 1 coaching, online community, etc?

Jessica Rhodes
[serial] do you think adnan killed hei? (No idea if I’m spelling their names correctly)

Jackie Smith
Ok so my question is are you beep zone free or not? Lol

Alexa Williams Meisler
Why is iTunes doing a longer podcast approval process between 1/22-1/5? Because of the holidays? How long does it normally take to get approved once you’ve submitted your first episodes?

Rey Brown
What do you want for Christmas? What are you getting Dexter?

Catharine Symblème
All I want for Christmas is some email subscribers … any ideas for getting Santa’s attention?






Marcus A. Cylar
We all know the pitfalls of attempting to build your platform on rented land that can be taken from us any time (e.g. Facebook). The problem is, as you’ve discussed before and as I’ve experienced myself, Facebook groups have proven to be one of the best places to build a community online. How/where would you rebuild this group if Facebook drastically changed the groups functionality for the worse or completely killed group pages all together tomorrow?

Thom Singer
I found my podcast to be the best tool for networking. I am surprised how many doors it is opening for my main career…. what is the biggest surprise you found (or find) from your podcast…. and what advise does that bring to others?

Karen Lock Kolp
Any great books you can recommend for when a person is at the start of her branding process? Of the sexy six, I am in the middle of The E myth Revisited and I am loving them, just wondered if there was anything more specific about branding a new business.


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