206_ladiesWhether we solopreneurs realize it or not health is our greatest asset. Our guests for today understand this idea, so much so that they’ve made healthy living and fitness their life’s work.

Joining us live in studio for this edition of The Solopreneur Hour are the three loveliest and most successful bloggers in the fitness industry. Returning for her second visit is Amy Clover of Strong Inside Out, Krista Stryker of 12 Minute Athlete and Jenny Sansousci of Healthy Crush.

Listen in as we talk about how they evolved into their current business models and what it was like along the way. All of that and more on the 206th episode of The Solopreneur Hour.

More About This Show

One of my favorite things to do for this show is to have people live in the studio. And I was grateful to have these three talented and savvy women join me to talk about how they came up with their respective brands, what it was like getting started in the internet marketing world and where they’re at today.

For those of you who are long-time listeners of the show you may remember Amy Clover visiting us in the past. If you don’t know Amy she’s the force behind Strong Inside Out, a brand that has evolved out of Amy’s struggles with depression and anxiety. We dive into details on her very personal story in previous episodes (which you can find here). And as she joins us today Amy is coming off of a country-wide tour promoting her brand and spreading the word that we can fight depression and anxiety through fitness.

Since her last visit to the show she has created a track-based program that allows people to choose based on where they’re at in terms of physical and mental health fitness. Strong Inside Out now provides this track-based program as well as support through coaching, Facebook groups, accountability, work out programs and much more. One of her favorite aspects of her work is seeing people grow through their work with her brand.

Our second in-studio visitor is Krista Stryker. Krista is the amazing woman behind 12 Minute Athlete. She’s a former copywriter who also wanted to be a journalist. She channeled her experience in writing copy and her love for sharing news into her present day blog at 12 Minute Athlete.

About two years ago she decided to start a blog and in true solopreneur fashion she actually started 5 blogs! She had lots of ideas and interests so the blogs were in various industries from fitness to personal development to travel. If she liked it she wanted to write about it! But soon she realized she had to narrow her focus to find success and create a thriving online platform. So she chose one industry and taught herself how to make a go of running a fitness blog.

She admits to doing something most of us have done: learning way too much before taking action! She created tons of videos for her blog before getting the word out about, but once she put the pedal to the metal it was on.

Krista wanted to get out of the copywriting world, but she went to a copywriting conference where she met Brian Clark of Copyblogger. She introduced herself, told him about her blog and gave him a sticker with her web site. Brian checked it out, liked what he saw and encouraged her to keep going. And then he tweeted about her site, all of which boosted her confidence, told her she was going in the right direction and helping her broaden her audience. It’s been her full-time focus since then and eventually became her full-time income.

More About This Show:

  • What is HIIT and why does it matter to you?
  • All three of these women have an audience of who they used to be: true or false?
  • Why are bikini competitions so unhealthy?
  • Who has an audience that is nearly 50% men and 50% women?
  • Which of these lovely ladies admits to being a caffeine addict?
  • And SO much more!





And last but not least is our third guest Jenny Sansouci. Jenny is the face and force behind Healthy Crush, a brand is all about having a love affair with healthy living. Jenny is all about helping others feel awesome through nutritious eating and personal development. She wants these things to fuel your life for healthy relationships and happiness.

But Jenny wasn’t always that way. The first year she lived in New York was a roller coaster for her. She professes to having an addictive personality and The Big Apple gave her lots of addictions to consume. She worked for a restaurant magazine and was constantly at restaurant openings, events and celebrations. All of which involved alcohol, sugar, cigarettes, caffeine and sometimes drugs like cocaine and Adderall.

It didn’t take long for Jenny to become addicted to all of these and to manage her energy levels through food or drugs. Soon her work was being impacted as were her relationships. Her boss pulled her aside and told her she needed to get it together.

When Jenny was ready to get clean her boss again helped her by introducing her to a woman who had been through a similar experience. With her new mentor’s help and her own indomitable willpower Jenny gave it all up cold turkey. When she gave up trying to manage her energy levels with other substances Jenny was able to see what foods helped her, and what foods didn’t. That began an evolution and the journey that led to the creation of her business. Today she rarely drinks or smokes and hasn’t done any other drugs since, and she’s happily spearheading a thriving enterprise under the Healthy Crush brand.

On today’s episode each of these women talk about what it was like getting into the online and internet marketing space, and whether or not it felt like entering the good ole boys’ club for them. They’ve all had different experiences and events that have shaped who they are and what they offer today but the common theme you’ll hear from all of them on this show is that they are so passionate about the message they have to share they simply HAD to get it out into the world.

They all make a full-time income from their blogs and are excited about what they’ve got coming up in the new year. For Amy it’s about honing in on how to help the people who are truly struggling with their anxiety and/or depression. She spent last year in promotion mode through her workout events; 2015 will be about helping those same struggling people to take action and be proactive in their health.

Krista is excited about the expansion and evolution of her apps. If you search for the 12 minute athlete you’ll find her. In 2015 they’ll be including more options and variety from choosing your own time limit, what equipment you want to use and also connecting with other users and providing more of a community for all the 12 Minute Athlete followers.

And Jenny is thrilled to to be launching more digital products to help her readers find even more happiness and healthy living options for themselves.

We talk about loads more on this show including their love for Pinterest and Instagram, as well as what they do in a typical day. Listen in and find out how their stories, their experiences and how they run their businesses can help you become a more successful solopreneur.

A big, big thank you to Amy Clover, Krista Stryker and Jenny Sansouci for coming into the studio and being on the show! It was a pleasure to have you all here. And special thanks to all of you for tuning in. We’ll see you next time on The Solopreneur Hour.

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