2015Hey all,  happy new year to you! Episode 210 of The Solopreneur Hour is our first Facebook Q&A of 2015…hollah! As always you brought the thunder, and I loved answering for you.

On today’s show we get to your questions (of course, it’s what we do most Fridays), we talk about the upcoming CES conference and how YOU can go to an event and why you should. I also send a special thank you to John Gregory for the special holiday gift he put together with so many of you! Thank you all, truly.

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And now here are your questions as asked in the Proudly Unemployable™ Facebook group. Let’s get to ’em!

John Gregory 
Really nailing the difference between avatar and target audience.

Todd Fernandez 
What are your thoughts on the new domain addresses (.guru, .solutions)? Will Google recognize them in the search engines? I’ve heard that they may not rank like the .coms.

Denny Krahe
I’m adding YouTube videos into the mix for 2015. Any tips/ideas for using video to help grow my podcast audience? I’m in the running niche, if that matters. Thanks Michael, have a great weekend! Go Lions and Steelers!

Whitney Presley 
I just moved to a new city and previously worked one-on-one with small business clients providing marketing consulting services. I now need to shift to an online business and would like to rebrand and move to quickly create a stream of income. What do you believe is the most important thing to focus on when starting fresh – creating content, networking or something else?

Thom Singer 
What action in 2014 led to your biggest “win” (this could be money, or a contact, or visibility, etc..)…. and how can others learn from that?

Mihkel Oja
1) What 10 things went great for you in 2014?
2) What are 3 lessons you learned in 2014?
3) What are your goals for 2015?

Dan O’Neil 
Any advice for a full-time college student who wants to get started as an entrepreneur but would also like to still graduate from school? I find it hard to pass classes and pursue entrepreneurship.


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