Do you ever wonder what it would be like to truly live your dream life?  Chris and Lori Harder wondered the same thing…then went out and actually DID it.

For this edition of The Solopreneur Hour I’m bringing this episode back because I wanted you to hear again the kind of adversity Lori had to fight through, and how their partnership in life and in business has made them excel beyond their wildest dreams.

This best of episode for show 215 is a good one.  Enjoy!

Chris & Lori Harder

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Today I have a great and candid conversation with Chris and Lori Harder. They are a network marketing power couple that has made over a million dollars over the last couple of years in their company.

I brought them on to talk about their background and how adversity has been such a key to their success.

Lori faced adversity early on. Believe it or not, she was a chubby kid. She says her family bonded over food and they also all believed being overweight was simply in their DNA, it was just part of who they are.

But Lori has always had a fighting spirit and she refused to believe she was stuck. The pivotal point for her came when she was 11 and her crush teased her in front of everyone. She was at the pool with a group of friends and was about to jump off the diving board. He yelled at her not to jump because if she did there would be no water left. Lori was mortified and determined to change her weight.

She did what all great solopreneurs do when they are venturing into new territory: she immersed herself in her new passion, fitness. She read everything she could, she borrowed her sister’s fitness tapes and made her mom buy all the fitness magazines at the grocery store for her.

Though the change didn’t happen overnight, it did happen. Lori soon saw fitness as a way to cope with the stress and anxiety of life; her family went through some difficult times and exercise helped her stay calm and focused.

The finer details of this show include:

  • How was Chris “fake employable” and are you?
  • What was Lori’s nickname as a child?
  • How many times has Lori been featured on the cover of Oxygen magazine?
  • Successful people recognize ___ in others – what is it?
  • Why doing the scary stuff is so important to being successful.
  • And so very much more!

As she became more fit and healthy, she decided to enter fitness competitions. She was not someone who finished things, but she wanted to change that. She knew by signing up for a fitness competition and working with her trainer, she would make herself fulfill on a commitment. It was also the scariest, biggest thing she could and she wanted to go for it; it would be her way of proving she do something with her life. And so she did; after that first competition came many more.

Along the way she met Chris, while working out at the gym, and they dated and eventually married. Initially they moved around for Chris’ work and Lori took odd jobs as they did, working at a myriad of positions that she was not passionate about. Chris called her out on it and challenged her to find something she loved and be great at it.

Lori chose personal training and that led to online training and workouts for her clients and their referrals. They built a web site, a Facebook group and eventually videos. Lori’s brand was taking shape.

When one of Lori’s clients, a woman named Holly, suggested Lori try a nutritional system Holly was using Lori said no thanks. Having been in the fitness world for so long and having been so successful in it, Lori was inundated with new companies and products to try. And her experience was never good; the products always made her feel terrible.

But as she saw Holly’s transformation over the next 10 or 11 months, Lori reconsidered and gave the products a chance. Soon she was a believer; she had more energy and felt great. And she loved how much time they saved her. Instead of being a slave to food from shopping at the store to prepping it to cooking it several hours a day, Lori had much of that time free again.

And she soon put that time to good use building a business with Isagenix. Although both she and Chris were skeptical at first, Lori’s personal experience told her the products were for real and were worth standing behind. She threw down the gauntlet and told Chris this was her name, her brand and she was going to build a business with Isagenix.

As Chris saw her financial success and did his own research into the compensation plan of the company and attended an event, he discarded his skepticism and got on board. Today they run a thriving business with Busy Girl, Happy Life and Isagenix. They are accountability partners, business partners and life partners who support, love and fuel each other to greater success.

Please join me in thanking them for sharing their stories, their adversities and their successes. It was so great to hear how they have grown and made the successful leap into solopreneurship. Congrats to them for their triumphs and thanks to all of your for listening in! See you next time.


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