palmspringsGreetings from Palm Springs! I’m here for a few days for an Isagenix convention…very happy to be here amongst my “fam”.

This show is our usual Friday Q&A session. You submit your questions, I give you the answers. Today’s episode is a brief but good one!

You’ll dig learning some great productivity tips, how why I named my dog Dexter, and how it helped my dating life, amongst other things! Check it out on the 216th episode of The Solopreneur Hour.

More About This Show

If you want to be part of the next show join us in the Proudly Unemployable Facebook group here. Look for my post, typically on Thursday, I’ll ask for your questions. Post yours in the comments section and then tune in the next day to hear my answer. Sound good?! Great!

Now without any further delay here are your questions for the week.

Callum Rankine
Hello from a very snowy Scottish Highlands. Any more news on your trip to the UK this year Michael? Also you said before you’d do a mastermind if you could get enough UK people together so can you put a shout out again?

I think there might be enough of us, minus Robert of course unless he cut the right wire last week! Cheers big man!

Broc Atkinson
This may have been answered already but starting a blog where a majority of the content is recirculated from numerous other blogs that my audience would more than likely never find. The single parents guide to killing it.

Mark R. LePage
How old is Dex and what breed of dog is he?

Matt Johnson
Are you going to be at NMX?

Jeffrey Carruthers
Suggestions on how to get started online in the health and wellness industry.

Mark R. LePage
Where is the best place to outsource for a podcast Intro/Outro?
What is the best way to market my 2 yr old podcast and grow my audience?
What is the best way to find advertisers for my podcast?

David Bisek
What application are you using to schedule your twitter posts? How are you determining which hashtags to use? How often are you posting and have you seen results from this? Thanks!

Alexa Williams Meister
What do you do when Itunes gives you a “we had difficulty reading this feed. connection reset” message when you submit your feed?


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