Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 10.41.14 PMWelcome to today’s edition of The Solopreneur Hour! On today’s show I share with you an email from Louis CK, which was a complete summary of how the real world of comedy works.  For me, it parallels so much of our struggle as solopreneurs.  So, I read the whole thing on the show and relate it to solopreneurship. It’s well worth a listen!

Then, I dig into your questions (all presented in the Proudly Unemployable Facebook group.  Get yours in for next week). Check it out on the 221st episode of The Solopreneur Hour.

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Now let’s get to your questions:

William Reimer
Hey! My name is William Reimer and Im from Adelaide, South Australia. I’ve had around 12 jobs so far, and I’ve recently realised that I cannot work for other people anymore. This might seem crazy but I’m about to self-publish a children’s book that deals with overcoming bullying in a non-violent way, and using your smarts around this. I understand that your podcast is not an “easy fix” to finding immediate success but I would greatly appreciate any advice you could give me regarding self-publishing. Kind regards William Reimwr South Australia

Karen Lock Kolp 
Friday show question Michael O’Neal: Given a finite amount of money and the desire to start a podcast and also build a website as a home for that podcast, do I put the money into something like 99 designs to really shape the brand, or do I put it into podcasting equipment, or do I split the difference? Also, looking for a ballpark as to the amount of money we are talking about here? Thanks for your advice!

John Dennis Q
What do you think about that sweet podcast player called ProCast?

Scott Barlow 
Not a question, but thanks for doing the product launch episode with Natalie, I used some of the stuff she suggested and just pre-sold a bunch of seats for a course that hadn’t even launched yet! Thanks for getting it out of her (and for not flirting ).

John Gregory
A request not a question: please post video of you bashing on the drums.

Dave Conrey
Which company do you think will have the best Superbowl commercial this sunday?



Thom Singer
How do you say “thanks” to people who have had an impact on your life?

Mark R. LePage
What is the most surprising change that has occurred in your life or lifestyle since launching The Solopreneur Hour?

Peter Gavel
#snowmageddon is almost here. Now there’s time for east coasties, all snuggled up by the fire, to come up with some good ones !!

Rey Brown
I know that you enjoy well-written TV shows. If you were approached by a major network to create your own show and could hand pick your cast. What would you create?

Bob Nolley
Who would you cast to play yourself in a movie, a rom-com about the entrepreneurial podcaster life of SoCal? Who would Jessica cast to play you?

Robert Bone
Simpsons or Family Guy?
Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm?

Jaree Freeman Michael
How do you make online connections with people that are meaningful in a short timeframe? How do you take that a step further and do this with people higher up the ladder than you that you aren’t able to meet in person? Short of offering to work for free for a year. ;oP The standard answer: “offer value”- I would love some examples of how you did this, or how someone has done this for you. Thanks!!

Chris Wiegman
Do you have any goto favorite promotional things (or celebrational things) to do right after launching a website these days?

Demetrio Flores
It’s easy to quit a job one hates and couldn’t wait to leave but how would you quit a job that you really liked and was a really great company to become a Solopreneur?

Jace Jacobs
Wazzzzuppp, 2014 was fun and now 2015 is about taking action even if its imperfect action. Well, today is the day. I’ve saved episode number 1 out of Adobe Audition and now I’m following the steps to get that bad boy through the iTunes new podcast approval process.

Is it perfect? Not even close. Am I worried? Ahhh Hell No. I’m excited to move forward on my journey and I’ll make adjustments along the way. I wanted to say thank you Michael for your coaching and influence. It means a lot. Cheers Brother

Denny Krahe
Super Bowl prediction?

David Bisek
Put this on last week but it was after your show – so here goes again: What application are you using to schedule your twitter posts? How are you determining which hashtags to use? How often are you posting and have you seen results from this? Thanks!

Peter Gavel
And along those Twitter questions I’ll add… do you use more than one account to post about old shows. There seems to be multiple numbered account names ? Thanks

Alexa Williams Meisler
I would love to hear specific information how to monetize blog pages with Amazon, Commission Junction and Linkshare. Is there a method (like x amount of links per words of text). Are there other affiliate programs you suggest? Who would you recommend following to dive deep into this topic?

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