unnamedOne of the best ways to position and market yourself as a solopreneur is by writing a book. And with today’s technology it’s simpler, faster and easier than ever. But there are tricks to it, trade secrets known by the best and brightest of the bestselling book world.

And one of those best and brightest is with us for today’s show. Returning co-host Chandler Bolt joins us to chat about how he became a bestseller using Kindle on Amazon, and he answers your questions. All of that and more on the 222nd episode of The Solopreneur Hour.

More About This Show

If you missed Chandler Bolt’s first visit to the show have a listen to it here. We dive into his background and how he got into the wide world of book-selling on Amazon’s Kindle.

On today’s show we talk about his move and my move to San Diego and what solopreneurial lessons you can learn from that. We also discuss the lessons he learned while helping others follow in his Kindle footsteps, his 3-step strategy that he and his brother used to write their first book in a week as well as your questions on becoming a bestseller.

The biggest lesson he learned while coaching others to use Kindle the way he did were these three: sell it, validate it and then create it. You read that correctly, those words aren’t written backwards! Sell first, validate it next and then create it.

First you sell your concept/idea/project, then you validate it by getting feedback and opinions from your audience to find out exactly what they want from you and then you create the actual product. It sounds counter to the way most of us would create and sell anything, but that’s the foolproof system for creating a rockstar book (or any other product).

The reason it’s foolproof is simple: before you invest time, money and other forms of energy into your project, you make sure there’s an audience that wants it and is willing to pay for it. Once you’ve got that lined up, you find out exactly what they want and then give it to them. It’s a far simpler and easier way to create a winning product, service or launch of any kind.

The Finer Details of This Show Include:

  • How do you comfortably pre-sell anything? Chandler explains.
  • Should you write from experience or write for a particular niche?
  • Why kindle readers don’t actually care about how sexy your design is.
  • Independent publishers vs amazon: what are his thoughts?
  • Why negative reviews are a good thing, and how to handle to them.
  • And so, so much more!



We also discuss how he and his brother wrote a book (a bestselling one!) in just a week. They used a three step process, this is what it looks like:

1. Write out a mindmap. Get out a blank piece of paper and write your idea in the middle of it. Then take the next 15-30 minutes and write down every single story and experience you have about this topic. Each of these should branch off from your idea to create a tree.

2. Now make an outline, put each branch you created into groups and then break those groups down into chapters. You have the starting point for your book! Which leads to step 3…

3. Get to writing. The easiest and fastest way to write? Take that outline’s first chapter and repeat these steps for it. Then do the same for chapter two, chapter three, and so on until you are done. You can also record yourself speaking each of your chapters and have them transcribed, if you’re not much of a writer.

Chandler was also gracious enough to answer your personal questions from the Proudly Unemployable Facebook group (which you can join here). He shares his thoughts on how to run a successful promotion for your book launch, whether or not to use independent publishers like Smashmouth or stick with the big boy Amazon and

We dive headlong into the answers to those and plenty of other questions, plus he guides us through creating the infrastructure of a Kindle book (what to do and what NOT to do) and so much more on this show. He is an absolute bastion of knowledge when it comes to Kindle books!

Download the show to hear it all, and then join me in thanking Chandler for being here on the show today. Extra thanks to all of you for being here as well, see you next time on The Solopreneur Hour.

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