Welcome to episode 225 of The Solopreneur Hour. Here we are at another Q&A show! This was a fun one to record. If you’re new here every Friday your questions get answered on this show. To participate in next week’s show join us at the Proudly Unemployable Facebook group and look for my post next week asking for your questions. Send in yours then tune in to hear the answer!

Today we get to your questions and we also chat about tax season, favorite Super Bowl ads, the importance of reviews in podcasting land and what this show is all about. Thanks for stopping by and having a listen to this episode of The Solopreneur Hour.

More About This Show

Megan Malkin 
How about a few tips on connecting outside of your current “friends”? And any tips for Instagram & #hashtag using, please;)

Rey Brown
On Chis Hardwick’s Nerdist podcast he recently flew out to Seattle to interview Bill Gates at one of Gate’s foundation events about the ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’. During the interview Hardwick asked Gates a series of questions about his early computing days, one of Bill Gates “guys” jumped in and told Hardwick to stick to asking questions about the Foundation (which is Bill Gates charity).

What would you have done in this situation where you are not allowed to let the interview flow and must “stay on task”?

Mark R. LePage 
What are the steps to build a great and enduring brand for your platform?

Tom Haupenthal
What’s your back story? I have heard bits and pieces (going to Europe after your parents passed away, the social media road trip, getting Dexter) over the last 6 months or so but I don’t think I have heard the entire thing. Sorry if this is to personal, I think knowing where someone came from makes the information they share more real.

Robert Bone
How far along the drum-stick are you?

Mike Kiefer 
For you & your guest I have 3 questions about Twitter…
To achieve the furthest reach on Twitter:

1. What would be the best time to post on Twitter?

2. How many times would you post the same thing on Twitter?

3. What new tools do you use on Twitter?

Tom Haupenthal 
How is the writing coming? Will there be a follow up to the podcast where you mentioned sending articles to magazines (Episode 208 I believe).

Mike Kiefer 
I’m taking a shot at who you’re having on your show. Is it a Savvy Youtuber? If so, where can I pre-order her book?

Rey Brown 
What will you be speaking about at the Tropical Think Tank?

What will SoloLab 2.0 be like?

What is the meaning of life?

Relating business to the super bowl, how important is it that we stick to our guns in crunch time and not try to do to many things or branch out into new areas?

What are your thoughts on 3D Printing?

Did you sneak into the “secret lab” at while at Apple?

David Chadwick 
What was your favorite Super Bowl ad this year?

Victoria Carter Poindexter 
Agree with Megan connecting with folks outside of current friends. And also finding meaningful content to grow the brand (message) of health and wealth.

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