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More About This Show

Marcus A. Cylar 
How’d you meet Jessica?

Parvinder Nijjar
What social media tools are you using?

Also, are you in a mastermind group?

David Ralph 
Away from the enjoyment of doing a podcast, what would you say would be the top two things that somebody dithering about doing it wil definately get by getting behind the mike. I know my two things, but would be interested in yours Michael O’Neal.

Tony Kates 
I loved your perspective on networks and broadcasters moving in on podcasts. Can you talk more on what you think the evolution of podcasting will be and/or do you foresee what is the next medium to erupt as a marketing tool? Thanks Mike!!

Harold Rhee 
Just started my podcast and you were a HUGE inspiration. Outside of iTunes and Stitcher, any other platforms? I’m trying Soundcloud, Tunein, and Pocket Casts (shiftyjelly) on an experimental basis.

Tom Haupenthal
Will you be interviewing “The Lovely Lara”?
Where would you like to travel to that you have never been? What interests you about that particular place?

Sean Gilgore 
You are promoting a convention in a niche market. RPG,CCG, Board Game. How do you discover the people outside your local area to promote the convention.

Parvinder Nijjar 
When are you doing another find your swing episode with dawn?


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