IMG_1173Serially-successful solopreneurs are great at one thing in particular: spotting a need in the marketplace and filling it. That is certainly true of our guest for today’s show, Jock Purtle.

Jock is the owner of Digital Exits and has been an entrepreneur/solopreneur most of his life.

He stopped by Studio 86 for a chat on the success he’s created at the ripe old of 25 (!), what he thinks has fueled that success and what’s next for him. All of that and more on episode 232 of The Solopreneur Hour.

More About This Show

Jock Purtle is originally from Sydney, Australia who currently lives in Austin, Texas. Growing up he spent a lot of time working in his family’s various companies. He was 9 when he began helping his parents with their auction business and he caught on to the concept of buy low and sell high from that experience.

Being a solopreneur at heart, he didn’t just work for his parents. He created any number of side hustles for himself at boarding school; he bought bags of candy and resold them to the kids who missed dinner and sold the candies at a markup to make a profit, he bought garden plants at a low price and resold them. He took the idea of flipping to heart and applied it to everything he did.

When he was 18 he started a personal training business and then moved into the world of SEO, WordPress and the like for small businesses. Using what he calls knowledge arbitrage he found the advancements that were working in the US and brought them elsewhere. With that foresight he was soon rockin’ the world of SEO.

The Finer Details of This Show Include:

  • What is knowledge arbitrage and why is it relevant?
  • Is entrepreneurship a muscle you can build?
  • When do opportunities appear?
  • What is luck a combination of?
  • Is there a litmus test for when a certain topic will plateau?
  • And so, so much more!

On today’s in-studio episode with Jock we talk about SEO and whether it’s still relevant, what Digital Exits does and what’s next for the company.

For those of you who may not know SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s a term that refers to how to make your online content land higher in Google’s search engines. Jock says SEO does still work and is relevant, but the competition may be more fierce today especially in certain categories. He generously walks us through a real-life example with The Solopreneur Hour. Be sure to take notes and apply it to your business!

We also discuss one of his current companies, Digital Exits. Digital Exits sells online businesses to prospective buyers. Jock says they are like realtors for online businesses. They never acquire the company, they simply assess what it is worth and then sell it to any of their prospective buyers. After the sale is complete, they take a fee for their efforts. Digital Exits has an existing buyers’ network they tap into; their biggest deal to date has been in the million dollar range.

When you look at Digital Exits from a 10,000 foot view it’s easy to see how his “buy low, sell high” method from childhood applies to what he does today!

And that big picture view is one of his greatest assets as a leader and a businessman. Even at the young age of 25 he is able to see 10 steps ahead of what’s happening right now and anticipate future opportunities. With that visionary view he is moving to Los Angeles soon to expand Digital Exits and carve out new territories in SoCal.

Jock also gives all of the listeners his thoughts on their solopreneurial and entrepreneurial projects. His experiences have shown him that whatever you are doing you can expect to work at it for a good year before you see any real progress; there is often a slow evolution before you see any measure of success.

We also discuss how to know when a market is tapped out, how to infiltrate a saturated market and create a presence for yourself…and much more. Tune in to get it all and then join me in thanking Jock for stopping by and recording live in Studio 86! And thanks to all of you for listening in. See you next time on The Solopreneur Hour.

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