Decide-coverWhat separates the super successful solopreneurs and entrepreneurs from the average ones? Their ability to decide. That’s according to our returning co-host, Jim Palmer.

Jim knows a few things about success. During his visit to The Solopreneur Hour he shared how pulled himself out of some deep trenches of debt, illness and unemployment to create a six-figure a year business writing snail mail newsletters.

On today’s show we discuss his latest book, Decide: The Ultimate Success Trigger, how he structures his time and how he stays innovative. All of that and more and episode 235 of The Solopreneur Hour.

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If you missed Jim’s previous appearance on the show you can dig all the way back to episode 22, or you can just click here to listen. You’ll hear in great detail about Jim’s journey from unemployment and recovering from cancer to building an empire with newsletters (the actual physical kind you get in the mail – yes people still do send them).

Since we’ve covered his background during his first chat, today we dive into juicy bits on what makes some solopreneurs successful but not others. Jim says the defining difference is their ability to decide, hence he chose that word as the title of his latest book. Successful business builders have and cultivate the ability to see opportunities, assess whether or not they are viable and solid for their business and then they go for it. They don’t take a lot of time to make up their minds, and when they decide they go after it.

Some of the greatest pain points he has witnessed over the last year as a coach for other entrepreneurs are people not being willing to pull the trigger (another way of saying they don’t want to decide) and not being willing to invest in the future they want to have. He says if you’re playing it safe and feel comfortable with your choices, you need to get uncomfortable because that’s where the growth is.

In This Episode, You’ll Also Hear:

  • How has he written six books in six years?
  • What’s “squishyville” and why do you want to avoid it?
  • What mindset does he create when writing his books?
  • Why do we avoid advice that we know will make us more successful?
  • What is the biggest crippler of businesses in Jim’s opinion?
  • And so much more!

Jim candidly shares how he was in that same position just a few years ago. He admits to wanting the success of his counterparts, but he wasn’t willing to do the uncomfortable things to get there like hiring a coach, hosting live events, and speaking in public, etc. Today he also tells us what he did to get past those fears, and how you can too.

Another great lesson he gives us is straight from his book, Decide: The Ultimate Success Trigger. In Chapter 1, which is called Decide to Take Out The Trash, Jim explains why we need to empty out the trash in our minds. We all have programming we’ve absorbed throughout the years, and that head trash is what holds our fears, our apprehensions and our anxieties.

We’ve got to get that stuff out of our minds to truly be successful. After we do that, we have to refill our minds with the positive (like affirmations and actions that move us closer to our goals). Just like we need to empty our garbage in our homes, we also need to empty the garbage in our minds.

Although we talk about many others topics (like Jim’s daily and yearly schedule), one last bit we’ll cover here is how Jim stays innovative. He is a voracious reader, everything from books to articles to emails from other successful people. One of the best and fastest ways to learn is to ask someone who’s done it before how they did it, and then follow in their footsteps. Be willing to put your ego aside, hear what they have to say and then do it. Jim does that for himself and for his loyal followers.

Be sure to listen in and hear Jim share more of his successful tips on how to decide like other successful solopreneurs. Then be sure to thank him here or on Twitter. And then thank yourself for tuning in again, I know I do! See you next time on The Solopreneur Hour.

QUESTIONS OF THE DAY: Do you know what’s standing in your way of being more successful? Share it here and then decide how you’re going to overcome it and move forward!

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