carhartt-washed-twill-work-pants-for-men-in-dark-khaki~p~3657w_03~1500.3Hey ya Solopreneurs here is episode 240, coming at ya live from my living room!

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This week we had great questions about what to do with $1,000, what conferences I’m going to, and of course, why pants are called pants.  Another fun episode of The Solopreneur Hour…hope you dig it.

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David Ralph
Q: Hi Mr O’Neal….did you see this week that a chap at the age of 95 is breaking running race world records all over the place. He isnt quit Usaine Bolt, but still WOW!!!

My question to you is is there anything in your life that you think “Man I left it too late” but because of guys like this you might reassess and give it a go?

A: I just revisited BMX biking, something I did competitively as a kid. It’s been a blast! There are a few things I could’ve made a legit career out of: drumming is one, and perhaps playing tennis.

Ozeal DeBastos
Q: Hey Michael. I plan on attending the World Domination Summit this year. I know you mentioned recently that its one of the best conferences you attended. Any insight or recommendations on what to check out? Where to look at for off premise meet-ups? Do u plan on attending this year? If so, lets link up. Thanks!

A: I’ll definitely be there. I unconferenced last time and went to parties, hung out and connected with people. It’s the best conference I’ve been to: the people there are some of the coolest, smartest, most forward-thinking people I’ve met at any conference. So yes I will be there!

Giovanna Rossi Pressley
Q: I would love to hear you address s2member and tips for creating a great membership option. Should I offer a freebie when people sign up? When to create closed/secret fb groups? Thanks!

A: You need a platform, I don’t know if freebies do much. But setting up a secret Facebook group is an absolute yes! My SoloLab Facebook group is rockin’, I have an S2Member site but I’m building it out as a resource guide but not a dedicated hangout spot. I’m keeping the Facebook group for that.

Sean Gilgore
Q: I am getting my tax return and want to start my platform. I have a budget of $1,000. Where is my money best spent for a digital product in the niche of guitar lessons?

A: Three options: build a podcast. Identify your niche, who is in that niche and what you’re going to leave them with every time they interact with you. Second: build a blog. Three: build an Instagram audience. You could do YouTube or build out a Facebook group as your platform.

Brand it properly, get that dialed in and then create content. Get 1-1.5 months’ worse of content. Buy LeadPages, figure out what your audience’s pain point is, schedule a free webinar. Then drive Facebook ads to the webinar. Do a training course, get people from the webinar into your S2Member site and you’re set!

Shanda Hereth Escoto
Q: I would love some insight on creating a release form to have signed prior to doing an interview. I would like to own the rights to the content to use however I like.

A: That is inherent if you’re doing podcast interviews. People know if they are doing a public interview on a podcast the content is available for the podcaster to use. You can take it a step further and go to Legal Zoom or Doc Stoc and draw up legal documents.

Thomas Allison
Q: Hi Michael – What new books have you read this year and what have you implemented into your life? All my best – Tommy @ The Cruise Dudes

A: I’ve started quite a few and have only finished one of them! It’s one of the things on my list is to read 10x faster, check out Tim Ferris’ post on how to do so. I’d love to consume more great content and I know it’ll just make me smarter, more successful.

Dennis Shelly
Q: Dear Michael O’Neal,
I have a question that maybe you can answer and help me with…why are pants called pants? Why not call them something more descriptive, like, I don’t know, leg warmers or leg holsters.

Dennis Shelly
P.S. Three-year listener of the show…keep up the good work…your biggest fan, dennis

A: They were created from pantalones, the word pants dates back to the late 1200s. Better that than trousers!

Lara Loest
Q: What’s your favorite meal to cook and favorite meal to have cooked for you?

A: My favorite one is a chicken club that I make with homemade basil mayo, bacon, swiss cheese on a Kaiser roll. I grill it and it’s amazing.

Here’s a great party dish: chicken strips dipped into an egg wash then Captain Crunch cereal pounded into a fine dust. Fry that for 3 minutes. Then pair it with a spicy hot sweet mustard and it’ll be the best chicken finger you’ve ever had!

Scott W. Mulvaney
Q: We talk a lot about the power of taking action balanced with taking the time necessary to realize that business/entrepreneurship can change your path of your brand sometimes. So what was one of the biggest tests of your patience and your belief systems while growing Solohour early on?

A: The truth is you shouldn’t have to change the path of your brand. But within the confines of your brand you can and will change your voice.

In terms of the biggest test of patience with The Solopreneur Hour that’s a hard one. I don’t know if there were giant belief systems to overcome, I felt like this was what I was supposed to do. My one big regret is that I haven’t doubled down and focused on my mailing list.

Karen Lock Kolp 
Q: How’s your email backlog? I feel like you were reducing it about the end of last year… any tips for digging out of giant email holes?

A: I flag the important emails and get back to them later, but sometimes it takes me two months to get back to them. I will eventually bring on more people, perhaps someone to help with email and building my list.

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