wehaveanswersHello again! Welcome to episode 243 of The Solopreneur Hour. Good to have you back for a Friday Q&A show.

Today’s show takes a different tack…instead of just grabbing questions from our Facebook Group, I decided to (God forbid) actually WRITE all of you and ask you directly.  Well, I’m happy to say it was a resounding success!  A lot of interesting questions today, summarized below.

Tune in to get the nitty gritty of each answer!

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Andre from Quebec
Q: Hi Michael. In your edition about adaptation you asked to contact you to tell you what is our skills. I am currently working for a big corporation with golden handcuffs I’m stuck here… blah blah blah you know the drill. My skills involve pretty much Excel spreadsheets, any kinds of table pivot tables etc… I see a gazillion people with better skills than me on eLance… So I feel innadequate for solopreneuring.

I’m involved with USANA which is probably your MLM company’s competitor. Didn’t do much with that because I don’t know how to develop it nor where to start. Get this! I don’t even have the money to pay for your training on that! Yup! talk about the poor middle class chasing paycheck to paycheck… I’m the embodiement of that. Anyways keep on the good work you give me hope. 🙂

A: In your case I love the idea of plugging into the group that is doing well. I think USANA is a good company in terms of products. By joining you’ve given yourself more options than most. There’s amazing sales training, community and leadership training available by being in network marketing, whether you build a business or not. So double down on it.

If you want I will gift you one. Write to me and I will give you the course, but I require that you do the entire course and you implement it. I want to see you have the fire! I love seeing people following the advice I give, it isn’t easy but it’s worth it. Bottom line: you have to put the work and the effort in. I think plugging into training that USANA offers is your best bet.


Dustin Ellard 
Q: Q&A – What is your current audio gear setup for the podcast? Thanks!
A: A Heil PR40 microphone with the HB1 microphone boom (shock mount) which is connected to an Analysis Plus yellow mic cable. All of that is plugged into a DBX 286S microphone pre-processor that gives you the radio voice sound which goes into a Q1202 USB mixer. I always record with the Zoom and don’t go the software route, always hardware with an analog connection. See the Resources section below for the link to buy all of this (no commission, just links).


Q: I have been a Solopreneur for 10 years, making money using Google Adwords to generate ‘leads’ (eg a life insurance application) which I then sell to businesses. I have done this from home since 2005 and spent over $1 million of my own money doing this very successfully.

With a new baby I now want to take the business to the next level and cement my family’s future. I feel like the next logical growth step is probably to teach, but what is my target market:

a) real small businesses who are struggling with Adwords or b) people who want to learn how to do what I do & make money from home with Adwords. Which of these distinct groups should I target?

Secondly what is the best way to package and deliver this decade’s worth of knowledge I have?

By the way, 10 yrs online & I have never built any kind of ‘list’ up until 2 weeks ago! So I don’t really have any kind of ‘tribe’ – only about 50 people so far have downloaded the Adwords secrets guide at intelligentppc.com. Thanks for your time, great show by the way.
A: 1. You want to choose B, people who want to work from home and do what you’ve done. Use your skills to a T: make a live webinar (do a number of them), drive people to a training course of some sort from the webinar. Use your own techniques to get people to the webinar. If you don’t know anyone who’s great at Facebook ads find someone and link arms. That’s one model.

Or if you want to target small businesses. You could walk into five small super successful businesses, offer to help them do XYZ for free for a month. Kick butt and then they become an anchor client.

Or if you could focus on one particular niche: podcasting for example. If you focus on one problem for that group, offer a solution and go for it.


Q: Here’s my story and question: I am 36 years old and spent 11 years of my life at a spiritual monastery and then three years in the insurance industry working for my father.  I came to understand I am unemployable around the time my father had a double lung transplant not long ago, and I have been using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to coach people toward living blissfully while achieving success in their relationships and careers.

I want my brand to reflect my story so I purchased the domain name “ofmenandmonks.com”.  My personality shines best in a live setting and I want to create a platform to to express that people can kick butt in their careers – and do it blissfully, with transcendence – by shining a light on their emotions and inner wisdom.

Do you have any suggestions for me – maybe a tagline?  I had a more generic-sounding website “healtherootcause.com”, but I think “ofmenandmonks” has more of an edge to it, and it will help me communicate to the world my story.

Maybe I will see you in San Diego!  I plan to take my motorcycle from Maine to San Diego for Nick Unsworth’s Ignite Event, (and also to raise money for research in lung transplants).

PS. I love listening to your voice at 2X speed, you sound WAY smart bruh.
A: That is a GREAT branding URL! As far as taglines, there has to be a balance with the company. If your company name is abstract the tag has to be literal. Your title Of Men and Monks is abstract so your tag needs to be literal. The more focused you can be about what you’re delivering the better. Something along the lines of “ancient wisdom applied for your career”. You’ve got to be very literal, describe succinctly what it is you are delivering to them.


How is Dex?
A: He’s good, a bit of a limp but good! He’s an athlete so he gets dinged up sometimes!


Q: What does your first hour of the day look like? I’m assuming the push-ups only take a few minutes. It’s all right, hopefully yours is better.
A: I check my texts, my Twitter, my Facebook and email. Then I get up, splash cold water on my face and do my push-ups. I’m at 55 in a row now! I make my shake, feed Dex and stand outside in the sun drinking my Isagenix shake and mentally prepare for my day. Then I’m off to the races.


Q: Is there an easier way to change ones mindset, because I don’t mind the “slowly but surely ride”, the problem is I keep snapping out of it, much thanks in advance keep rockin’!!!
A: Read some books, the Sexy Six! If you have a hard time focusing you have one path. If your mind is telling you you can’t do it dig into The Four Agreements and Tony Robbins. Also check the people you’re hanging out with him: are they negative? Then you need to distance yourself and get some positive people in your life. Yoga studios, churches, young entrepreneur groups are full of positive people.


Q: I’m new to San Diego and not sure where to focus my efforts.  I have met a lot of new entrepreneurs here at a couple networking events.   But also surprised at the number of things going on I have missed such as the major conferences you attend.  What are your recommendations for someone new in SD like myself?
A: Come to Social Media Marketing World. Google The Brunch Club San Diego is a great group full of vibrant entrepreneurs. They are phenomenal. For other cities (SD and beyond): meetup groups, young entrepreneur groups, yoga groups and leadership groups. When you go to events ask people what entrepreneurial groups they like in the area and then go!


Thanks for reaching out. Super cool that you’re doing this. We have a young business that has some initial growth. Sometimes I feel like we’ve worked *so* hard to get to where we are. I have some ideas for what to do next, but I’m not sure if they’ll work. I’m going for it for sure, but I feel now, more than ever, like I have no direction (and a little bit like a fraud). Any thoughts on how to get back on track?
A: It doesn’t sound like you are off-track. None of us know what will work for sure, just continue to work on those ideas. Write ’em down. Figure out which have the highest ROI, put them in order of the least expensive with the most ROI. Then look around at people who have businesses like yours but are in different industries. See if there is anything innovative you can use from them. Copy ’em if they’re rockin’ it!

You can also look for a company in your industry but in another city, then you’ve got a proven model.


Q: For a podcaster releasing a show once per week, what day of the week is most recommended? Thanks! Love the Q&A shows almost as much as the T&A shows!
A: Tuesday is what I’ve heard, not sure why but Tuesday seems to be it.


Karen Kolp
Hey Michael, could you please help me understand this whole SEO phenomenon a little bit better? What is SEO, and what does it/can it do for a podcast like mine, or an Internet business in general?
A: Search engine optimization was very big in the early 2000s. It means your web site is carefully curated so someone is searching for a word you pop up.

The days of loading your web site with keyword optimization are over. The actual content of the page counts; it knows if you are putting out real content, if people are linking back to you, if your titles and content contain those keywords. Look for plugins in your WordPress site and they can tell you exactly how optimized your page is.


Q: Good Morning Michael! I have recently completed my Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment and I am starting to integrate the program into routine. I gain a lot through hearing about your processes, and I would appreciate hearing how you started transforming your talents into strengths. Thank you for all you do from a closet employee.
A: I had to discover my strengths. My connection didn’t happen until 2010 and we started The Social Media Road Show with Isagenix. I’ve always loved to teach but it started coming together when I did those gigs. It was so fun, so easy and so fulfilling. But it ALL came together after I was behind the scenes with The Kick-Ass Life podcast with David Wood and then had to stand in for him one day. Things began to click then; I felt comfortable behind the mic and I really liked doing it.

So think about what you’ve done in the last 10 years and when you were really enjoying it and feeling fulfilled by it.


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