Solopreneurs all know one thing is certain: everything changes. Technology changes faster than we can snap our fingers, industries become obsolete overnight and the landscape of the Internet shifts in a heartbeat. We can keep up with these changes by learning and growing continuously.

Our guest on today’s show, Jonathan Levi, has uncovered the key to learning and in fact knows how to become superhuman learners! Listen in as he shares the details on the 248th episode of The Solopreneur Hour.

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Jonathan was nearly unemployable from birth. His parents are both entrepreneurs and he grew up with the belief that if you needed money you simply created something and sold it. So he and his friends tinkered making various products and selling them.

In junior high and high school he designed web sites for his dad’s friends’ businesses, he DJed various gigs and, in his words, failed his way into success. He kept at it because he knew one of his ideas would hit!

And he was right. At the age of 16 he started JLevi StreetWerks, a $3 million high end auto parts company that was named one of Inc’s 5,000 fastest growing companies. Jonathan had a lot of fun with the business in its first few years but once he saw what emerging tech was doing in the marketplace, he wanted to change gears. So in his early 20s he sold the auto parts company and decided to create an impactful business.

You’ll also hear:

  • What two companies did he interview with for jobs?
  • Should we learn guerrilla-style or a little bit every day?
  • What’s the best way to read: book, Kindle/iPad or audio?
  • How many terrabytes of information does the human brain have capacity for?
  • What did Jonathan’s childhood smell like?
  • And so much more!

Not long after he met Professor Anna and Dr. Lev Goldentouch, two “superhumans”. Dr. Lev and Jonathan shared interests in sleep, psychology and emerging tech. It didn’t take long for Jonathan to discover Dr. Lev’s incredible reading comprehension and speed reading abilities. He hired Professor Anna to teach him and spent hours working with her, fine-tuning his skills and basically unlearning so much of how he had been taught to read in school.

Soon Jonathan was speedreading his way through B school tests at INSEAD (the Harvard of Europe) and coursework, far faster and with greater comprehension than his fellow students. People took notice and asked him how he was doing it. He sent many referrals to Anna but she was a new mom and didn’t have time to help everyone. So he finally he grew tired of answering their questions and created a course they could buy instead.

It’s been an incredible success; he’s had over 26,000 students since its inception and that number continues to grow! He has partnered with Udemy and generally hustled in every possible way he could to market it. In keeping with that approach Jonathan has offered his course to you dear listener at a fraction of its original cost, you can find it here.

On today’s show we talk about his experiences at SINEAD, what led him to live in Israeli which he now calls home, and some suggestions he has for helping you read faster and remember more right now.

One key takeaway he wants everyone to remember is that anything we want to remember should be turned into an image. As humans we have evolved to remember visual cues more so than any other. Visual is stronger than audio so by turning a word or phrase into an image we can remember it more clearly and far longer than we can a sound.

To discover more secrets to becoming superhuman find his course here! Pick it up and then thank Jonathan for his generous gift and the time he gave us today. And thank you for being here and for being a supporter of The Solopreneur Hour. See you next time!

QUESTIONS OF THE DAY: Have you ever taken a speedreading course? Have you used visual cues to remember important things?

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