wehaveanswersHowdy solopreneurs!  Thanks for joining The Solopreneur Hour on this Friday Q&A episode.

In this episode, we cover getting over the fear of getting started, how to charge and make money as a solopreneur, when to get great branding done, what weird words people make up, and I tell my life story.

So listen in, check it out and enjoy the 249th episode of The Solopreneur Hour!

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If you haven’t been here before our Fridays are usually this type of show: your Qs get my As.

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Let’s not prolong the agony any longer and get to your questions!


Phil Wijs 
Q: Honestly, my biggest challenge is making that first dollar as a solopreneur. With a long history of working 9-5, I’m used to receiving a weekly paycheck and trading hours for dollars.

But now it’s time for a mind shift. I’ve read the sexy six and have a pretty solid understanding for how I want to price things. However, I have some strange mental block that is giving me a fear to charge what I need to. Actually, I have a fear of charging anybody.

I’m also afraid of selling myself short and selling to people in general. How do I get past this mental block and feel comfortable with bringing in income at a solopreneur level?

A: Have a web site, connect it to a PayPal account. Follow my example: I offered a 30 minute consultation for $47 and walk you through everything you needed to do to update your social media accounts. The first thing you want to do is get clients and get your reps in.

To do so you can charge a low rate or do it for free and use the anchor client strategy. Anchor clients are big name clients you offer to do some work for free. Then you deliver for them and they become advocates of your work. You can leverage their name and their experiences with you to garner more clients at a higher rate, they become the anchors of your new business.


Mark R. LePage 
Q: I want to know about you and where you come from. What were your greatest influences as a kid? Tell us a bit about your mom and dad (if you’re comfortable doing so.)

A: I’m from Toledo, Ohio and played every sport known to man. My dad was a CEO of a canned company (like the cans that are used for Pringles). My mom was in advertising and marketing, then became a stay at home mom. She played piano, my brother played guitar and I played drums. Many other family members were musically-inclined too.


Chris Davis 
Q: What are 2 or 3 of your favorite jazz recordings and why?

A: Take Five, Don’t Get Around Much Anymore and Boots Randolph. I love Dave Weckl and Buddy Rich.


Jace Jacobs 
Q: Wazzzzzzuppp! I’ve been using several goofy words for as long as I can remember. What are some of your favorite goofy words that you use as part of your vocabulary?

A: Irregardlessly. Complicatory and the c word plus y.


Demetrio Flores 
Q: Do you see yourself in the future with a little solopreneur jr.?!

A: The short answer is yes!


Bruce Irving
Q: Hi Micheal,
I think that getting traction and building momentum is the biggest challenge I face, Having the faith to stick with it and knowing it will work out in the end.

P.S. I actually made a post on my website and named your podcast one of my top 6 must listen to shows and suggested it to my audience.

A: That’s why you’ve got to pick something you love at the beginning! To weather the rough waters you gotta love what you do. And be okay with the way it evolves. Looking at your site your brand could use some help, get a great designer to help you.


Nicholas Chalmers
Q: Michael I enjoyed your feedback last week on ofmenandmonks.com.

My question is about a hypothesis I have. Assuming my website and  email opt-in offer is ready, I can start sending traffic to my men’s coaching blog “ofmenandmonks.com” with a strategic Facebook video campaign.

It would go as follows: I drive my motorcycle from Maine to San Diego, I do five minute video interviews of “the most fantastic and effective men I know” at places like the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Grand Canyon, Mt. Washington, iconic American places. People can track me on this “journey of freedom.” It’s a way to get people to notice my blog because my target group are men who would relate to the story.

So how can I use videos posted on Facebook to generate traffic to my page?  Is it a good return on time and money?

Thanks m’man 😉

A: You’re going to have to put out valuable content before people will follow you. Develop your brand, nail it and your first campaign should be brand awareness. Let people know you exist and what you’re doing!


Scott Taylor
Q: Hi Michael, Yes trying to escape the 9-5. I have £20,000 to invest to either property or stocks/investments. Do you have any advice/ideas on what to invest my money on?

Great episode on Awaken Your Alpha!

A: I invest in watches and vintage cars so I recommend that route. Alternatively you can become a seed investor in a number of Silicon Valley groups. Or make sure you have 6 months of your monthly income set aside.

And you can always send it to the best business podcaster you know. 😉


David Aaron Johnson
Q: Figuring out my passion to turn into a business. I feel like it’s helping others find their passion for a business. Since I haven’t built anything or made any money helping I don’t feel qualified. Cool of you to periscope the beach yesterday.

A: To do this authentically you have to know something you can teach someone. What are your skill sets, what can you talk about for hours and hours? There are opportunities within all of that. So sit down with a notepad and right down your assets, everything you know how to do. You pick something you love because it’s gotta get you through the rough patches.

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