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Welcome to our Weekly Solopreneur Coaching Session!

Hey everybody welcome to the 255th edition of The Solopreneur Hour. We’re gathered here today for our weekly Solopreneur Coaching Q&A show. This show is special, because I recorded it LIVE with the Periscope App on Thursday, and took questions right from the viewers.

If you haven’t listened to one of these episodes before this is YOUR chance to ask questions and get my answers. Ask whatever you want, any topic you want: bring it on!

Sit back, relax and enjoy today’s episode of The Solopreneur Hour.

More About This Solopreneur Coaching Session

Today we’re talking about my upcoming interview with Rich Franklin, finalizing the details of my trip for Tropical Think Tank and SE Asia as well as tax time. We cover all of that and then jump into your questions. Here goes!

Jill Guarino Brown 
Q: I’ve been filming outdoor videos of garden tips for Is there a way to process out some of the background noise in the audio?
A: It’s harder to undo it once it’s recorded into the audio. There are some filters you can use in GarageBand or Audacity. Try those and try compression. Or outsource it on Fiverr to find someone who can do it for you. For future recordings get the audio-technica ATR3350.

Q: What are your next steps for Studio 86, what are your plans for equipment upgrades?
A: One upgrade I’ll be doing is my mixer, one with more channels and/or one that will let me use my iPad for sliders. I wouldn’t mind trying the Electro-Voice RE20 microphone.

Becca Jorgensen 
Q: My question is how important is it to have a domain that matches the podcast name, or can the podcast be within a domain of a different name?
A: If it’s related it’s okay to have a different podcast name than the domain name. Plus if it’s not your main focus it isn’t as crucial. You can use something that explains what you do like I’ve got your Especially if it contains an action item it’ll work well. The vocal stylings matter more than the written word so yes you can have a domain that’s different as long as your listener comprehends it easily.

Jace Jacobs 
Q: Wazzzzzzzupppp! As a newbie podcast host I’m feeling good about my interview/conversation skills, however, I know I will continue to grow and improve with experience. Was there a point in your pod journey where you wondered I wish I knew then what I know now? I get the feeling that based on your social media training the conversation based pod interview just came natural to you.
A: Yes is the answer. What I’ve been doing in the last few months is trying to bridge the gap between my off-mic conversations and my podcasting interviews. The main asset you have is your ears: how well you listen. They can really feel when you listen and hear them, which leads them to be more open.

Lara Loest
This was my question last week that didn’t get answered: I just submitted my proposal to speak at Podcast Movement. If accepted as a speaker this will the largest group I’ve spoken in front of. Do you have a few quick tips for me?


I just listened to Monday’s show so my next question is if you have anything you’d add that wasn’t covered in that epi?
A: Preparation, visualization like Rich Franklin does and get the content/presentation down pat. Use one bullet per slide for major points so you can talk for 5 minutes from that point.

Periscope User Route 33Inc
Q: Should you use a vanity URL if the .com is not available?
A: I probably wouldn’t get vanity URL. I’d try some other modifiers: add a “the”, an “i” or something like that. Or if you have a related action item like I would get “I am”.

Q: Who has been your favorite guest on the show so far?
A: I’ve had so many! Mike Johnston has been one of my favorites. I really liked Jack Canfield, he’s so nice and he was such a pro. Anna Vocino is always terrific! Vasavi Kumar was fantastic as well as Jordan and Jonathan Fields. Andy Murphy’s first visit was phenomenal as were Mike Tomczak and Dean Lori!

Q: Any hints as to what your new podcast will be about?
A: It won’t be business related I can tell you that! I’m excited about it and looking for the perfect co-host. I’m pretty sure I can monetize it six figures like this one.

Glenda The Foodie 
Q: What are your views on hiring commissioned sales reps?
A: I like the hustle side of it, if you’re commission-only you’ve got to hustle. If you have more time than money you do not need to scale. You need to get out there and talk to people until you’re so busy you have to scale.

Andy Brown
Q: Any tips on selling tickets to a conference?
A: Testimonials from previous attendees. The more other people can say and the less you can say the better. If it’s your first time go talk to Dan and Jared of Podcast Movement and do what they did! And follow in the footsteps of the what has worked in the past: how are blockbuster films promoted? New albums? Do what they do and don’t be afraid to go guerilla style!


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