Solopreneur CoachingAnother Friday Q&A solopreneur coaching hour! I love doing these for you guys: reading your questions live on air and then answering them. Whether it’s a question about business, friendships, relationships, travel I answer it.

On today’s episode we talk about recording a podcast on the road, following your gut, and actively marketing on Instagram. Plus a whole lot of audio equipment talk!

There’s loads of great content on this one, so dig in and enjoy episode 261 of The Solopreneur Hour.

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Now let’s get into some questions from you dear listener!

Alexa Williams Meisler 

Q: What is the easiest way to record a podcast on the road with a Zoom? Exactly what else do I need to bring with me?

A: You need a Zoom of course. I’ll bring with me my Zoom H6, my two new Heil PR35s which I just recently received from Michelle of Heil. Plus I’ll bring two really short XLR cables. I’ll line it into my iPad and record with BossJock. We hold the mics and record a conversation; I’ll have compression on the Zoom H6 which blocks out external noise and that’ll give us studio quality sound. And bring extra batteries!

Parvinder Nijjar 
Q: When is the Rich Franklin episode coming out?

A: It came out April 29th and you can listen to it here. He’s a really bright dude and he dropped some major bombs! He’s at the top of his profession and he’s incredible.

Q: Do you think the free content model like Pat Flynn does with SPI is a good idea?

A: He gives great content to build his audience as large as he can, then shares some of the things he uses in hopes of getting a commission.

Or he creates a product and offers it to them. It’s something called the “fremium model”, and yes I absolutely think it’s a good idea. The more you give to someone the more they will feel inclined to give back to you (in the form of buying from you).

Sean Gilgore 
Q: How do you define a friendship vs a partnership and how do you open the conversation when you want to do business with friends or make someone you do business with a friend? Also when a friend says no to your business proposition, or worse backs out, how do you handle it?

A: You can go the “don’t get into business with friends route” or you can go buy the book and delineate everything as though you were working with a stranger. Schedule time to work together and have friendship time outside of that.

Mark R. LePage 
Q: What is the single biggest change in your life since launching SoloHour?

A: My life is less chaotic and I’m not chasing the next dollar. I’m more self-aware and truly a better conversationalist now then when I started this show.

Zach Houk 
Q: SoundCloud just opened it’s full podcasting features for everyone, rivaling Libsyn. Previously, their features were limited, but now it seems to be cheaper and possibly more features than Libsyn. What do you think of using SoundCloud for podcasting hosting?

A: If it’s cheaper and has more features then I feel pretty good about it!

Q: What makes a great logo? What examples of logo designs do you love?

A: A logo needs to tell a story in one glance. You need to feel the narrative of the company just by looking at the logo. Go to Google and type in logo inspiration 2015. Switch to images or look at the articles. These will give you some ideas of great logos. Personally I love when the concept is integrated into the logo like the “o” in the TSH logo is a clock.

Jackie Smith 
Q: Ok Michael here is a question for you. ” How much do you use your gut instinct in your daily business decisions and should others do the same”? And to expand a tad on this ” do you make business decisions when you do not have total peace about which way to go”?

A: Leaders decide so I make decisions quickly. Having no answer is worse than having the wrong answer so I’ll make a decision based on some empirical data I’m looking at. In terms of following your gut look at what doing so has given you so far. If it’s worked for you continue; if not, don’t!

Mario Brown 
Q: Hey Michael O’Neal when it was time to get your podcast & brand out on social media you had to decided between branding yourself and your name vs. branding the name of your podcast/movement.

I’m there right now trying to decide if I brand “MisisonPreneur’ or ‘Mario Brown’, would love to hear what you decided on and why.

A: I call this the “letting your brand be your fullback” concept. In other words, let your brand speak for you and make a name for yourself before you become known by your name alone. With TSH it was The Solopreneur Hour for the first year. Then I updated it a bit and rebranded with TSH with Michael O’Neal and a new tagline. If there’s another iteration because the show continues to grow it might be something like Michael O’Neal presents TSH. So let your brand do the heavy lifting for you at first and add your name later.

Jason Harper 
Q: I’ve been getting into food gardening, and I’ve been posting about it on various social media outlets. By far, the quickest growing audience is on Instagram, where I have currently 546 followers. Not a lot, but they have all come in naturally, and I get 5-10 new followers a day.

I would like to start developing products for them eventually. At what point would you suggest I start actively marketing to them?

You don’t have to mention this on the show or anything, but in case you’re curious, the Instagram handle is @Harperponics. Have fun in Asia!

A: For some reason I think 2,000 is a good number. Instagram is great for what you’re doing, Pinterest too. Get a few thousand followers going and then you can start marketing to them. Keep it up!

Lauren Gaggioli 
Q: I could use some help up-ing my audio game. My tech is a ATR 2100 w/ XLR through a mixing board then into the Roland R05. Also run it through Auphonic before posting.

I think the audio is OK, but is there anything I can do (best practices during recording, post-production tips) that can help me up my game?

A: I think your set-up is pretty sweet. Make sure your compression is good. The secret trick to podcasters is the DBX 286S. It’s a device ($200) that is a mic/pre-amp processor. It makes your voice and your show sound super power and podcast ninja!

But also check your compression. It makes a major difference, it gives you a nice depth and presence on the mic.

Desmond Adams 
Q: Awesome. Michael, first of all, I may have shared this before, but I used to race my little 1976 Ford Pinto 2.3L (Schneider cam, Hooker header, and a few other fun things) at Jack Murphy Stadium back in the early 80’s. SCCA and Corvette Club used to put on the events. I’m jealous when I see you doing it these days. I’d love to come out and watch the next time I’m in town… Ok, question:

I’m at the stage where I’m going to be including guests on my show from time-to-time. I want to make sure it’s incredibly efficient for them. Do you have a “system” for setting this all up? A one-sheet with what they can expect, questions you may ask, or anything else? How long should that be and what do I NEED to include as well as what I shouldn’t waste time including?


A: I have yet to send anything like that to anyone who has been a guest on this show. My show is incredibly conversational and intentionally so. If anything gets in the way of it being a natural conversation flow, I don’t do it. They get some stats from the show and my Skype address when they set the appointment to record the show.

You could write up a one-paragraph on your show, be very specific about who your audience is and what your show is. Explain where your audience is because that will help them frame their answers for your show. And do your research on them – that helps them open up a lot.

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