Hines-Ward21Howdy all! Welcome to The Solopreneur Hour Friday Q&A. Glad to have you back for today’s show.

Today I cover how to give a speech, cover what I’m doing in my surgery, how I upgraded the studio, what has whacked my finances lately, and of course, answer your questions with my answers.

Have a listen to episode 285 and hear for yourself!

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If you haven’t participated in one of our weekly Q&As jump on over to the Proudly Unemployable Facebook group and look for my post asking for your questions. Typically I record these shows for Friday so I’ll ask for your Q’s either the Wednesday or Thursday, and then you can hear the answers on the Friday.

Speaking of your questions, before I jump into those on this episode we have a chat about why I’m going under the knife and how grateful I am for the time freedom to do so without missing a beat on the show here with you! We (and by we I mean the Royal We or me) also talk about how Dexter is doing and who’s gonna care for him while I’m recovering.

But instead of giving you the summary let’s just dig into your questions and my answers, shall we?

Adrien Hd Gamory
Q: What kind’ve surgery are you undergoing?
A: If you’ve listened to the show before you’ve probably heard our ever-present co-host, my cough. After countless doctor visits they suggested I get my deviated septum repaired, put stints in my nose and trim my uvula. It’s a painful recovery, especially the uvula portion. I’m not looking forward to that, please send well wishes!

Q: How to mentally get away from the overly saturated anonymous salesmen of buying into every tom, dick, and harry that sends a million dollar dream into your email, and how to effectively find the one’s you need to listen to before you invest a ton of money on diluted products or advice that amount to nothing for your personal and business value.
A: The best way to figure out who you want to coach with is to consume their content. Figure out if you like their style and you like how they deliver then sign up with them. Check out the next episode, 286, for more on this.

Jonny Keeley
Q: Hey Michael. You’ve shared your journey and what exactly goes into creating a very professional podcast. Two questions what is your take on narrative podcasts – “serial”, gimlet media’s podcasts, etc. Also what goes into producing such a produced show?
Thanks and hope all will be well with your surgery.

A: I’ve been saying for a year and a half that the pros are coming. Right now it’s easy enough to get a podcast out there so everyone thinks they can do it. But not everyone is going to have the success that John Lee Dumas has, but depending on your skill set and what you create you might find success.

Now the pros are here and I think narrative podcasts can be great and very successful. But they are a TON of work! Go back and listen to episode 200. It took me 18 hours to edit, and I didn’t utter one word. It’d be hard for an amateur to do it and get traction. That being said I think they are cool and narrative storytelling requires a pro.

Parvinder Nijjar
Q: Who will be looking after Dexter while you’re recovering?
A: I’ll be with him, and depending on my recovery Jessica and Lara will help out if needed.

Daryl Ramage
Q: Take care.
A: Thank you, much appreciated!

Mark R. LePage
Q: What’s the next project for the 911?
A: Good timing Mark. I’ve decided to sell my motor and am upgrading to a 3.6 L from a 1995 Porsche 993. It’s a 273 horsepower engine! With a few modifications I can get that to 300 HP, this can be a 3 second zero to 60 car when all is said and done. Follow me on Instagram to see it happen!

Q: What’s the status on your watches and cars podcast?
A: I’m having a hard time finding a co-host! I really want Chris Harris so I’m holding out for him.

Denny Krahe
Q: How do you decide which shows to re-release for a best of episode? Your favorites? “Evergreen” content/topics/advice? Do you go back and listen to a few and then decide? I’m thinking about doing some best of type of episodes this summer, so I’d love to hear about your selection process as I’m trying to decide which of my past episodes to re-air. Thanks!

A: When I’m interviewing someone I’m listening for and connecting the dots for you. I’m mentally playing racquetball! So sometimes I listen to my own show and then realize it needs to be a best of. At other times I’ll scroll through the Podcast Archive page and see what jumps out at me.

Or I’ll sort by comments and whichever episode gets the most, or whichever is most popular on iTunes.

Robert Bone
Q: If you won big on the lottery would you still continue with the Solopreneur Hour™ and SoloLab™? Is there a point when being a professional fun-loving Porsche driver takes over from being a podcaster?
Q: If you decided to continue to continue how would SoloHour™ change? Would there be interviews with Richard Branson on his private island? Would Plane-Cast be replaced with Drinking-Martinis-On-A-Private-Jet-Cast?

A: Absolutely the show would continue and SoloLab too, I love this show and I love my Labbers! I look forward to talking with them, and seeing everyone grow.

What would change is I would get an agent and book some kick-ass guests like Richard Branson. I’d get a studio in LA and batch interviews there. And I would definitely do martinis on a private jetcast!

Dan Byers
Q: Michael I’ve been asked to officiate my nieces wedding this September and was wondering if you had any tips as to working on the craft of speaking for such an event? I have attended a few Toastmaster meetings here locally but they did not seem to fit what I am looking for. I have recording conversations for my podcast launch but marrying a family member and friend seems it would require a bit more polish. Thanks.

A: I have to personally thank Dan for inviting me to do a track day before the big Rennsport Reunion in Monterey, I’m super excited for that! Thank you Dan.

Now to your question: yes and no to more polish. Nobody expects anyone to be a professional in that environment. I’d strongly recommend NOT being a comedian or getting too cute. Don’t try to be too funny. Put a couple of beats on a piece of paper if you need it – one or two words to jog your memory.

But the #1 thing to do is to speak from you heart and NOT from a piece of paper! Being self-effacing is charming to everyone, do that. Prop the bride and groom up, it’s their day. Look for GQ, The Art of Manliness and Esquire have to say about how to give a great best man’s speech.

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