solopreneur solopreneur hour solopreneur coachHey Solopreneurs! We’re back with another one of our weekly Q&A shows, one of my favorite episodes to bring you.

If you’re new here first of all welcome! And second most Fridays we do a Q&A show where I ask you for question on Thursday and then I answer them on the following day’s show.

If you’d like to have your question answered on our next Q&A show join us on the Proudly Unemployable group and look for my question-requesting post, then drop yours in!

Let’s jump right in and hear your questions answered on episode 309 of The Solopreneur Hour.

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On today’s show we answer your questions – of course – and I also share some reviews you’ve recently submitted. Thank you! Those are so appreciated, and so treasured; I love them, keep ’em coming so I can read yours on an episode soon.

And now we’ll get into your questions!

Hey Michael. I’ve been listening to the podcast for awhile and I have learned a lot from you. Last Friday you had only a few questions to answer so I hope that you can fit my issue onto the next Q&A show.

I’ve gone to AskPat, and asked many other people over the years, but nobody has helped me out yet. I have an issue that has been holding me back for years now.

5 years ago I had someone make a website for me to sell my genealogy service through. In case you don’t know, genealogists build family trees and conduct family history and such. I don’t really have any interest in being a blogger – I just want to sell my service.

When I had plenty of money I didn’t really care that the site wasn’t getting traffic, and now that a really need to site to turn a profit, I have no money to put towards SEO.

Over the years I have added a bunch of blog posts in an effort to gain traffic, but it has not helped as I only get something between 25-100 visitors a day. I can go into a random blog post on my site, copy and paste a complete sentence into Google and my page will not even show up.

The site is I am hoping you can take a look and see if there is something that I could do that would an impact on my traffic.

I own the domain domain as well and I have been thinking about making a separate site by moving half of my blog posts over to the new site.

I am not sure how Google would respond to something like that. What do you think?

Thanks in advance for any guidance you may be able to provide. I hope you keep the podcast going – it’s a great listen. Thank you.

A: Two ways I’ll attack this: my instinct is to tell you to bag the blog. Why? You aren’t passionate about it. I don’t know that this is your thing.

The second thing I’d do is to try to find someone in New York who is a good writer, who can write with a good journalistic narrative. Give them some of the information of what some of these family trees do and what they are. Link them up on and reframe this. I’d get a domain name that has more mass appeal – The History of

Implement those things. Also get a designer to redesign it. Download Yoast SEO (it’s a plugin) because it allows you to structure your blog posts with proper SEO keywords. Make your web site headline more interesting to everyone and give them good engaging content. When people see that and they see your articles are laced with history they’ll be interested in the services you offer. Add a footer at the bottom of your posts where you let them know what you provide.

Create a partnership with a great writer, there are plenty out there who are in need of work out there! Link it out through medium, get Yoast and have a much sexier web site title. Finally make sure you have a Google Places account for your business in Brooklyn. Have 5 YouTube videos like Brooklyn Ancestory, Brooklyn family history, Brooklyn geneaology, etc. Find out what people are searching for and use those keywords in your YouTube videos.

It’s been five years so it’s time to make a bigger change; tweak your brand and that’s going to make the most impact.

Giovanna Rossi Pressley
Q: I’m thinking that having a sponsor right out of the gate on a new podcast adds credibility to the show. Would you suggest doing trade for a sponsorship on a podcast, or does that set a bad precedent? Thanks!

A: What I would do at the outset is to offer affiliate sales through BluHost, Audible or your own services. I like the idea of doing that and setting that precedent. So yes is the answer with Audible, your own or some other affiliate offer.

Todd Walton
Q: With so many “gurus”, really good podcasts, books and websites out there, other than The Solopreneuer Hour, what would be considered the ultimate guide to building an online business? What or who would be your choice if you were starting over? I do realize that there are many different types of online businesses but is there a single guide to one get started with any type of online business?

Also, is there an online guide doing a good phone or Skype interview?

A: When you’re brand new it’s cool to get some input from multiple people. What hangs people up is when you continue to get at that down the road. So pick the one you resonate with most: look at Pat, me, John, or Chris. And look at how they do what they do, each of us runs our businesses vastly different and we have our own methodology. So the one you resonate with most is the one you should follow.

For your second question I love Pat’s early stuff, it’s very much geared towards a beginner’s audience. It depends on your industry in terms of what coaching is available to you.

Lara Loest
Q: I asked you this earlier but I’ll put you on the spot now: what will you do to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of The Solopreneur Hour? I think it needs to at least involve cake…and whiskey.

A: It’s coming up on Sunday and other than that I haven’t done anything! I’m celebrating you guys. I’ll take myself out for a cupcake and Lara and I will toast to the show.

We’re rapidly approaching 6 million downloads and that’s a big number! It’s been an incredible time and I’m grateful for each and everyone of you. I tell you guys the real side, the back side to this journey. I want to show you what it’s like to live as a solopreneur. If there’s anything I do it’s the real deal, I tell you guys nearly everything!

Mark R. LePage
Q: I’ve noticed a ramping up of your business taking on Podmastery in addition to SoloLab. I heard you start referring to your business as a company. Do you see a structured team in your future? Are you planning to build a true “company”? Why or why not?

A: First question – no. Second question – no. Why not? I have no desire to do that. I don’t want to manage people! There’s a real reason it’s called The Solopreneur Hour. I can’t work in a company environment. I have zero desire to build a company and I don’t want to compromise what I have.

Mark R. LePage
Q: What does your life look like in 5 years from now?
A: I don’t know, I don’t think like that.

Kyle Cullen
Q: I’ve got hiccups have you got any tips for getting rip of them?
A: I have a killer tip. This is what I do: get a glass of water. While hiccuping take a deep breath hold your breath, take a few gulps, and continue to hold your breath as long as you can. Then when you let your breath out your hiccups will be gone!

Jonny Keeley
Q: Hey man thanks for all you do. Two questions. 1. Why do you think so many people don’t take action? 2. How can we help our audience take action? Thanks.
A: First question: it’s almost like everybody is waiting for someone else to go first! Most people don’t think they are good enough to be successful. They compare themselves to other wildly successful people, and think they can’t be that successful so they don’t start. Not everyone can or will be like John Lee Dumas but what if they could make a healthy living doing what they love? If people thought about it from that perspective they’d be more likely to take action.

People also don’t understand the results they get. If you make an extra $600 a month doing what you love think about it like this: that covers most people’s car payment AND insurance. So set up autopay with that and you’ve got a free car! That’s why I recommend comparing down.

As far as getting people to take action have them listen to this show, Pat’s show, Chris’ show, John’s show. Get ’em involved, that’s all you can. You can’t convince someone to take action.

Mark R. LePage
Q: Following up on my first question… If you do build a company with a team, are you still “Unemployable”? 🙂

Tikisha Shanelle Walwyn
Q: Micheal O’Neal! I need a coach and it mentor to help me with me online business idea. Recommendations?
A: If you aren’t kidding I can think of one guy: me! Join SoloLab. Otherwise Nick Unsworth is a good coach and Chris Ducker is launching his Youpreneur coaching program in a month.

Ozeal DeBastos
Q: I have an opportunity to relocate to NYC. Great place but as you know very expensive. I know you’ve relocated a few times.

What are your thoughts on moving to a different city for a new gain of inspiration/motivation? How has relocating to a different city changed your perspective personally and as a solopreneur? Btw, thank you for taking on these questions every week brother. Much appreciated. Cheers!

A: A couple things: New York City is brutal. It’ll chew people up and spit ’em out. I hope you have some semblance of support, it’s incredibly expensive to live there. But if it’s a good gig and it pays for it how do you not love NYC?! It feels like you are at the center of the world, and it can open up some amazing doors.

To answer the second part of your question moving to Belgium and San Diego completely reinvigorated me. Everything has gone up since I moved here.

So if you feel like you’re stuck, get out of where you are. Even if you have to take a stepping stone like getting rid of a car payment and getting down to the bare bones of your monthly overhead, do it. So yes if you can do this go for it! Get yourself there and soak it all up.

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