Amy PorterfieldIn episode 73, we welcome back to the show the one and only, Amy Porterfield. Amy originally co-hosted episode 31 of the Solopreneur Hour, in which she talks about working on Tony Robbin’s staff and Harley-Davidson tattoos.

In this show, we chat about everything from sales funnels and affiliate marketing to her husband’s love of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and what her business is focused on this quarter.

If you know anything about Amy, you know she has made her mark in the online world through Facebook advertising. Of late she’s branched out into list-building and other online strategies but her original brand was launched because of her tremendous Facebook advertising success.

In this show, Amy shares her pre-launch fears and stresses as well as what she’s done along the way to continually grow and expand a thriving online presence.

Specifically she delves into topics like:

  • How to build a post-sale funnel for your list to keep them engaged and happy with their purchase
  • The one thing Amy says “changed her business dramatically”
  • Whether Amy suggests doing webinars live or pre-recorded
  • The program Amy attributes her success to: how she went from a 30k launch to 150k launch to 283k launch using the same program, just different techniques from this program
  • Amy’s actionable steps for your next affiliate launch: what to do, what NOT to do for high conversion rates no matter how big or small your list is
  • Amy’s FB tip for increasing attendance at a webinar

Whether you have a list, are building a list or just wish you knew how to build a list, Amy’s knowledge will inspire and educate you. Amy candidly talks about how even today – with all of her success – she still gets nervous. In fact, she admits she is uncomfortable on a weekly basis – and why it’s one of the keys to her success.

Amy’s a true gem and she generously shares all she has learned from her failures and successes.  Ask yourself how you can apply what we talk in this episode about for greater success in your business; there’s some gold she’s giving away so listen in!

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Evernote Moment:
When you’re launching a new product, here’s what Amy suggests doing to plan appropriately.

Start a new notebook for your new product and in that note ask yourself these questions:

  • What is your product?
  • Who is it for?
  • When is it launching?
  • If it’s an event, where is it happening?
  • How long will the event be or will the program be live?

From there, look at your calendar and say “when could this go on sale?”.  After you do that, work backwards to today’s date. Be sure to buffer in the time you need to create your product, market it and then put those dates on the calendar.

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