CalebJoining us for episode 80 is my friend and fellow podcaster, Caleb Wojcik. Caleb’s part of the superstar team at Fizzle and is a solopreneur in his own right: he just released his first solo information product, a DIY video guide.

Although Caleb didn’t start out on the entrepreneurial path (after college he worked for Boeing in a traditional job), his discovery of blogging, and later video blogging, opened up his door to solopreneurship.

Today he’s at the forefront of the video revolution. He’s THE guy to help you learn how to use video like a pro, even when you aren’t.

We get into the nitty-gritty, how-to of video creation. Caleb is the master and he shares his treasure of knowledge. You’ll hear Caleb and I talk about:

  • Caleb’s trick for saving time in edit
  • Where to go to outsource your video needs, Caleb recommendations
  • When to use YT and when to use alternatives like Wistia
  • Our celebrity encounters: who did Caleb see in Venice?
  • How to tell your story with video
  • Video camera recommendations for ALL budgets

Caleb lets us in on technical tips to creating great video at home, regardless of your budget and your experience level. He also shares where he gets his knowledge; like a true solopreneur, he gathers it from many sources. He even talks about what he picked up from the director of photography for Saturday Night Live.

Video is certainly an integral part of any solopreneur’s path so I was stoked to have Caleb on the show. As with so many of our guests, he was generous with his time and his knowledge contributions.

Caleb is an absolute rock star! Click the link below to send him some Twitter love!

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Resources from this episode:
Caleb’s DIY video guide
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Rode smartLav
Apple’s 30 year video, shot entirely with the iPhone

Wistia resources:
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