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760: Solopreneur Q&A – Free Coaching Monday!

Welcome to our weekly Q&A edition of The Solopreneur Hour. If you haven't been here before on Fridays we publish an episode devoted to answering YOUR questions dear listeners! To submit a question join the mailing list, contact me via the Contact page on the site or...

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757: Systematize Your Biz with Jaime Masters

Systems, Systems, Systems. We know we need 'em.  We don't know how to do 'em. Fortunately for us, there's Jaime Masters to help us out with such things.  Her new brand, OwnerBox (http://ownerbox.com), helps solopreneurs and business owners systematize their biz by...

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755: Another Year In Your Earballs

Howdy.  On today's rambling episode, I chat about coaching, investing in one's self, fat-shaming, and goal setting. email me at michael@solopreneurhour.com for coaching special info. Here's the 9 minute HIIT workout I'm...

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After 15 years making a living as a designer and branding guy, I started a social media consulting agency in 2009, and a podcast consulting agency in 2012. In addition to being a paid speaker, emcee, and doing live workshops, I do a lot of coaching with solopreneurs, network marketers, and podcasters.

That coaching can either be in my mastermind group, Sololab™, private monthly coaching, or, if you want to launch a really successful podcast, as I’ve done now more than half a dozen times, to the tune of over 15 million downloads, and millions of dollars, my hi-end podcast launch packages.  You can even buy a 40 minute one-on-one session if you just need an answer to a specific problem.

Ultimately, I view being a solopreneur as a holistic approach of brand, messaging, platform, and execution.  I can help you achieve time freedom, financial freedom, and location freedom.