Sololab – A Unique Kind of Mastermind

If you have been interested in creating the business you love, or the podcast you always wanted to, or getting more people on your network marketing team, but didn’t know where to get mentorship, our group coaching program Sololab™ now has a monthly payment option! If you’d like Private Coaching calls from me, Zoom Hangouts with YOUR hotseat every week, and a killer community to bounce your ideas off of, Sololab is for you!!

Join Now: In addition to the yearly and the quarterly option, I’ve added an monthly option for those that are struggling with cash flow right now, but really want mentorship and a community around them.

So, what do you get?
Sololab is comprised of 3 main components: Private, one-on-one coaching calls with Michael O’Neal, A weekly Live Video Hangout, and a Private Facebook Group, in addition to some other juicy perks.

Coaching Calls:
Nothing takes the place of directed, one on one coaching calls. We get more done in 30 minutes than most people get done in months of self-directed learning. These are instrumental in progressing your business and your solopreneur life as quickly as possible. From your podcast to your brick and mortar business, private coaching calls will accelerate your progress guaranteed!

This monthly payment option comes with 1 private 30 minute coaching call per month, booked at your discretion. (Note: the coaching calls do not carry over month-to-month. You must use them each month or they expire)

Weekly Hangouts
Every week at a set time, we meet up as a group using Zoom. It’s a great time! We get to catch up on the progress everyone has made that week. Everyone weighs in and gives their own tips and tricks. Every person on the Zoom call gets a “hot seat” with me, and gets that week’s questions answered every week. It’s like having a weekly coaching call with a group of accountability partners there to help you along the way.

This is in contrast to many other programs where there’s no actual one-on-one conversation with the person running the mastermind. It’s specifically, what makes Sololab unique!

Private Facebook Group
This is your 24/7 resource to get quick questions answered, ask opinions of others, find out what’s happening, and download group files. (Like creative briefs, podcasting tips, etc.) This is where you can chip in, answer other’s questions, get resources you need, and provide resources you have. Sololab members often hire other Sololab members to help them with their projects, or provide services for other members.

Sololab is a family of like-minded people that are trying, just like you, to make their mark in the solopreneur world. Our community continues to grow, and our members make huge leaps in their business, even in a few short weeks. We’d love to have you in the ‘lab.



(Automatic renewal every month or every year. Cancel anytime)

Payment Options - Yearly or Monthly

Do you want a more one-on-one, curated experience?

My private coaching program will fast track your success in a way that group coaching can’t. You and I have over 6 touchpoints every month, between private calls and group meetings, in addition to a bunch of other cool perks.

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