So…you want to start a podcast, huh?

Good.  You totally should. 

I’ve done it dozens of times, to the tune of millions of downloads, and millions of dollars across a number of shows.

Now we’re going to do it together.

Starting November 2019, a select group of people will embark on their podcast journeys together.

By the end of the 8 weeks,

People that join the PLG are going to have:

  • A world-class podcast brand.
  • (at least 1) fully completed episode of your show.
  • professional podcast “chops”.
  • Weekly Zoom training hangouts and Q&A Sessions.
  • A linear path to follow, including your brand, show concept, gear purchase and usage, microphone and technical skills, and tons more.
  • the right gear to make you sound like a pro, and the knowledge to use it.
  • A platform to build huge authority in your niche.
  • A voiceover from a true professional Hollywood VO Artist
  • Answers to all of your technical questions.
  • Design and artwork that will make you stand out amongst thousands.
  • A show strategy that fits your lifestyle and your niche.
  • Weekly accountability partners to keep you on track.
  • A video library to reference some of the technical side.
  • Training on how to become a world-class interviewer and conversationalist.
  • So much more that I’m going to run out of bullet points!

I have launched *dozens* of shows for my clients and friends.  I now charge 10k+ to help my clients launch world class shows.  You’re going to get the same training and access to my services for a fraction of that price.  The PLG JUST for Nick Unsworth’s Mastermind is $3000!

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To reserve your spot, click the button below and submit your payment of $2997. Your payment gives you access to my Art of The Interview course (A $500 value!) and reserves your spot in the PLG.