Don't just "Start a Podcast". Be Exceptional.

Most podcasts don’t make it past episode 7.

So…you want to start a podcast, huh?

Good.  You totally should. 

I’ve done it dozens of times, to the tune of millions of downloads, and millions of dollars across a number of shows.

Now we’re going to do it together.



  • A world-class podcast brand.
  • (at least 1) fully completed episode of your show.
  • professional podcast “chops”.
  • Weekly Zoom training hangouts and Q&A Sessions.
  • A linear path to follow, including your brand, show concept, gear purchase and usage, microphone and technical skills, and tons more.
  • the right gear to make you sound like a pro, and the knowledge to use it.
  • A platform to build huge authority in your niche.
  • A voiceover from a true professional Hollywood VO Artist
  • Answers to all of your technical questions.
  • Design and artwork that will make you stand out amongst thousands.
  • A show strategy that fits your lifestyle and your niche.
  • Weekly accountability partners to keep you on track.
  • A video library to reference some of the technical side.
  • Training on how to become a world-class interviewer and conversationalist.
  • So much more that I’m going to run out of bullet points!

My Approach to PODCASTING

Since I started podcasting over 10 years ago, I’ve always viewed it as a completely professional endeavor.  I knew that as soon as these shows were published, I would be considered a “Professional Broadcaster”, and I took the interviews and show production as seriously as a professional broadcaster would.  From the brand of the show, to the “chops” required to give a great interview, to approach the show in that vein has ensured success for my own show as well as my clients.


Many people don’t realize that the brand is the most important part of creating a show.  If you don’t nail your brand and identity, then the show won’t succeed…even if you have a big audience heading into it. As a designer and branding expert for over 15 years for advertising and digital agencies, I’ve strategized and created hundreds of brands.  I even offer it as a separate service as part of my coaching programs.  So, know that you are getting a world-class brand as you create this initial podcast.


Yea…there’s a reason why broadcasting, telecommunications, and mass media courses are a thing in college.  It requires skills to speak into a microphone, keep a show entertaining and interesting, and get the most out of a guest.  You have to know how to actually use a microphone, how to pitch live ads on a show, how to plug a guest, how to introduce a guest to edify them correctly, amongst other things.  We’ll cover all of that stuff in the PLG!


The “techy” side of podcasting can be worrisome for many.  “How do I use a mixer?” “What do I do with the file once I’ve recorded?” “How do I edit a podcast?”  So many questions we have as a newbie to this world of podcasting.  The good news is…there are plenty of ways to sound completely professional without completely breaking the bank.  You can get everything you need to sound world class and have a nice production flow for far less than $1000.  I’ll show you not only how to do the production yourself, but how and when to outsource the production as well.


This is another key factor in launching a show that many people don’t think about.  We’ll help you track down your audience, find out how and where they like to consume their information, and “seed” the podcast to them weeks before you actually launch.  We’ll also work on building your emailing list so you have some people to launch to and get ratings and reviews.

Reserve Your Spot Now!

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