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Back home in sunny San Diego, I have a great chat with the podcast guru himself, Mr. Cliff Ravenscraft.  Now, before you go thinking this is going to be all about creating a podcast…think again. Cliff was a successful insurance salesman in the family business when he decided to leave the comforts of a 9-5 job and do something he was truly passionate about.

Listen in as we talk about his transition, and how he manages to balance a family of 5, his workaholic tendencies, and his need to “give back”.

We touched on a few things on the show…here are a couple highlights:

I just spent the week at David Wood’s (Host of house, and he and his family do a daily ritual that I love, and that we can all integrate into our lives.  Whoever is sitting at the dinner table has to do this:

  1. Name 2 things you’re grateful for from that day
  2. Name 1 thing you were good at today
  3. Name 1 thing you’re looking forward to.

They do that every single day, and it’s such a great way to stay connected to the important things.

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Remember…your passion is that thing that you can talk about for hours.  It’s time to cash in on your passion!


See you next time.