photoCan you imagine making a living from speaking? Now how about speaking to teenagers? Either you’re horrified or intrigued by the thought.

Whatever your response you’re going to love today’s guest, Grant Baldwin. Grant is a youth speaker and podcaster who travels the country talking to teens and college students about the next phase of their lives and how to prepare for it.

More About This Show

Today Grant speaks to students all over the country and also juggles a twice-weekly podcast called “How’d You Get Into That?” which interviews people in various professions, some entrepreneurs and some employees, on how they got into their unique profession.

When he isn’t doing either of those things, he’s spending time with his wife and three children…or dreaming of the day he learns to play drums.

Grant and I have plenty in common and loads to talk about in this episode, from the hustle involved in getting speaking gigs to drumming to comedy. We spent a great deal of time discussing the significant lessons comedy teaches us about public speaking and building a solopreneur business.

You’ll also discover things like:

  • How long has it taken him to launch his podcast since he first thought of it?
  • Who his coach is and how important she’s been in his process.
  • His advice for getting started as a speaker
  • Why being top of mind is so critical as a speaker and in your business.
  • What’s the number #1 air drumming song of all time?
  • And so very much more!

Grant and I are in agreement on a number of things, including how to succeed in your profession. Whether you’re a musician, comedian or any other solopreneur, there’s one sure way to get to the top: find someone who is successfully doing what you want to do and then follow in their footsteps. Combine that with some hustle and you have the winning formula.

Grant also talks about how many “at bats” he has had and how he’s done his reps to get to where he is today. He tells this when he speaks and when he interviews people on his podcast: you won’t be good when you start, but keep doing it and you will definitely get better.

And his podcast is meant to serve as a motivator for you when you’re starting out and when you’re practicing to get better. By interviewing different people in a variety of different professions, Grant wants to expose his listeners who feel stuck and unhappy with where they’re at now. He aims to reach people experiencing a “quarter life crisis” and help them through that crisis by showing them what’s out and what they can do with their careers.

If you’ve been inspired by Grant and learned something from today’s show, leave a comment below or send a Tweet sharing what you got out of today’s episode!

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