MILL-ONE_9873Ever watched Donny Deutsch’s “Big Idea”, MSNBC’s “Your Business” or NPR’s “The Tavis Smiley Show”? If you have, you may have seen our guest for episode 118; he’s been on all three.

Barry Moltz makes his living helping business owners deal with what it takes to actually be a business owner, not just self-employed. He helps small businesses get "unstuck".   He’s also a nationally-recognized speaker and five-time author who hosts his own radio show called “Business Insanity Talk Radio”.

More About This Show

Barry’s originally from the East Coast and went to college in Boston. After he graduated, he worked for IBM (aka “Big Blue”) for 10 years. He was there during the early development days of the first PC.

After that decade with Big Blue, Barry went out on his own and discovered firsthand how challenging it is to run a successful business.

His first business was about 20 years before it’s time, it failed. With his second business, he was ushered out and discovered where NOT to find business partners! But, like all great solopreneurs, Barry took his knocks, learned his lessons and applied them to future opportunities which has led to his present day success.

You'll also discover things like:

  • Why it's important to "turn off" for awhile.
  • A few things to tell and NOT to tell your significant other about your small business
  • His second business and the lessons he learned.
  • What's in the DNA of a successful business owner?
  • What would he do if he could no longer be a professional speaker?
  • And so very much more!

Today, Barry travels the country speaking with and listening to small business owners and other solopreneurs about their difficulties, opportunities and triumphs.

While he always offers advice and support, he also learns a tremendous amount from all of them. And in this episode, he shares some of that knowledge with all of us. For example, we chat about the most common mistakes he sees small business owners making and how to avoid them.

It’s clear Barry has a great deal to offer his audiences, his clients and all of us. Drop a comment below or send a Tweet and share what Barry taught you in this show!


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