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One of my favorite shows to bring to you is today’s format: you and me and your questions. You’re the reason this show exists so it’s always a pleasure to spend an hour hearing from you, what you’re up to, what you’re facing and giving you my advice on how to move forward on your solopreneur path.

I start the show with a rant about “actionable content”, talk about my newfound abs, and then get to the questions.  You asked about nearly every facet of an Unemployable’s life: fashion, avatars vs. target markets, the sexy six, whether or not sex still sells, how to book speaking gigs, becoming an expert, choosing your niche, mindset shifts and taxes!

Let’s get straight to the questions, here they are:

Jason Hartman Who’s the swankiest podcaster?

Jim Hrbek I am about to start a podcast. Thinking three days a week. Niche = cosplay. 2 days a week I will interview cosplayers, the other day I want to interview experts in other fields that can help level up a “cospreneur”. My problem lays that this brings in two different avatars. The fans of the famous cosplayers arent really my target audience. Im trying to reach cosplayers that only have a Facebook presence and no other platform. One who wants to earn an income or other benefit. Is this two different podcasts? If not what would you do

Max Mac Phail Video blogging, how long is too long? What do you think of mixed content, sometimes blog, others a video or a video accompanying a small amount of text. Love the Q&A shows!

Jeff Anderson How about one tip for building an audience after the 8 weeks? Oh, I know you’re creating a program for that, so this would be a perfect setup!

Brent Danis when marketing a physical product, does “sex” still sell or is it the easy way out? Im torn on what avenue to go down. Yoga, Nike, yachts and other big marketers still use beautiful women and men in there ads. what to do?

Tysen Webb How’s the 6 pack coming?

Dreama Henry McFadden Which should come first: blog or podcast? Would I be better off to get a blog following before launching a podcast? I am way better at talking than writing…

Jason Hartman Who are the best people to write and voice podcast intros?

Kirsty Bartholomew How is the best way to get yourself booked for more speaking events when you haven’t got much experience speaking.

Craig Morrison How do you define yourself as an expert to your audience without any huge successes under your belt, only years of experience in your niche?

Jonny Keeley How do you deal with relinquishing control of your business? When you get to a point when you can’t fly solo anymore and have to delegate different parts of your business. How to step away from, I can do it better and faster – why don’t I just do it?

Taylor Howe How do you decide on a niche and stick to it/focus on it long enough to know if it’s worth sticking it out?

Joel Tetzner It seems that more and more people are offering courses as part of their online / internet marketing businesses. So many, in fact, that it’s hard to decide who is reputable and what courses are worth the money. What is your top 3 “yes get that course” choices and what courses would you recommend staying away from (or just not worth the money).

Simon Knapp Have you heard any more from Garyv?

How do you deal with imposter syndrome?

Do you ever have doubts in what you are doing?

Shelby Kifer I cringe at the word… Taxes?

All of those questions get answered in this episode – I can’t believe we did it an hour (ok an hour and 6 minutes but close enough)! I love hearing from you, whether it’s about today’s show or anything else going on in your life; drop a comment below, send me a note on the Contact page or Tweet me.

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