Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 12.12.51 PMIn this special episode, celebrating 1,000,000 downloads, it’s just you and me.

I talk about where I was when I launched the show, go over the 8 steps to becoming a successful solopreneur, and play a bunch of listener clips.

Here’s a link to the movie of me waiting for the millionth:


In this show when I talk about the different phases and the different turning points in the journey of The Solopreneur Hour, I want you to listen for where you might be. Are you in that just getting started phase? Or are you in a place where you’re focused on specific growth for your solo journey? Or do you even know what your solo venture is going to be?

Wherever you are, it’s perfect. And you’ll hear how I went through all of these stages with this podcast to garner the success it has today. These stages are laid out in detail through the 8 steps it takes to becoming a successful solopreneur.

The 8 Steps To Becoming A Successful Solopreneur:

  1. Find your passion. What’s that thing that you can talk me off my stool about it? What did you do as a kid? Find it and figure out how to connect it to something that will make you money.
  2. Immerse yourself in the culture: Facebook groups, forums, message boards, conventions, read blogs, magazines, events. Get there!
  3. Seek knowledge. Take online courses, join a mastermind like SoloLab. Also write very specific questions to your mentors.
  4. Make a decision to take action. There will always be reasons not to – do it anyway!
  5. Surround yourself with the leaders. You need to be at ALL the events – get there and get connected with the people doing what you want to do!
  6. Take more action.
  7. Show gratitude.
  8. Give back. Pay it forward. Whether it’s sharing your knowledge with others or simply buying a coffee for the person behind you at Starbucks, pay it forward.

Podcasting is a medium I’ve always been a fan of and I learned the ropes by producing a show called “The Kick-Ass Life” with David Wood. And one day, while connecting with one of our favorite podcasting leaders Mr. Pat Flynn and seeking knowledge from him, I had the idea for The Solopreneur Hour.

And then I took action (number 4); I created this podcast and decided I would have 12 in the can (so to speak) before I launched. Shortly after I had recorded four episodes, I was on my bike and was side-swiped by a car. My injuries were pretty extensive: broken collarbone, concussion and severe road rash over much of my body.

But my launch date was looming and even though I could barely sit up straight because I was in so much pain, I pulled the trigger and the show went live.

And that was just the beginning. From there, it was a series of download milestones that I used as a barometer. From my experience with David Wood, I knew I wanted to monetize the show so getting a certain amount of downloads was critical to that.

First it was the 100 download day. Then it was 1,000. Then it was 10,000.

Those numbers progressed because I was following steps 5, 6 and 7 of successful solopreneurship. I went to more events like NMX. I took more action through leveraging my social media outlets. And I was – and still AM – incredibly grateful for every download, every listener and every person who shares this show.

And I’m always looking for and finding ways to pay it forward.

To that end, I’d like to share the shout outs from a few listeners and SoloLab members now. These guys all left messages about what this show has meant for them, both personally and professionally.

Matt called in to say thanks for helping him double his income, and start two new solo ventures. He’s now a card-carrying member of the Unemployables!

Rey Brown from Smart Phones Made Easy
Rey says he’s a man with a plan now, thanks to The Solopreneur Hour! He’s on the right path, but he would’ve drowned without this show.

Michael Young 
The Solopreneur Hour has given him hope to leave the corporate grind. He and his wife have created a 90 day plan so he can leave his job and design his life, including a new podcast. Mahalo to you too Michael!

Ron Fugle of Fire and Adjust
Ron says he has been spinning his wheels for 13 years with different businesses, none of which worked until he listened to The Solopreneur Hour and joined SoloLab. He now has an iconic brand and business with Fire & Adjust. Fire and Adjust has a podcast that has over 53k downloads in its first month of existence!

Bob Nolley
The Solopreneur Hour is one of Bob’s most valued resource for creating an environment of experts in his life. He says, “I can’t miss an episode. I love hanging out in the Lab and I have discovered I truly am a teacher.”

David Ralph of Join Up Dots
Last but certainly not least is Mr. David Ralph of Join Up Dots podcast. He called in to say Michael and The Solopreneur Hour “…were the starting point to get me on the mic and create a new future. Without you, there would not be me!”

Something I want you to take away from this, and every show, is that these episodes are for you. Wherever you are in your timeline, whether you are like Bob and just in the brand identity stage or like Ron and David who are growing their brands and their businesses, these episodes are designed with YOU in mind.

And keep in mind while you listen that everyone has fear. I created this show as antidote to fear: our fears stem from a lack of knowledge and I hope that by listening to these shows, you are able to reduce your fears and take action to seize that opportunity you have before you today.

Every single one of you is amazing to me. I just want to say thank you so much for sticking me in your ears a few times a week! Thank you for supporting our sponsors, thank you for reaching out and especially thank you for sharing the show, it ALL makes a huge difference and I am honored and grateful to be on this journey with every single one of you.

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