photo1 (2)Welcome back to our most frequent and beloved co-hosts,! Dawn joins us live in the studio to answer listeners’ questions in this episode of Find Your Swing. This is the tenth edition of Find Your Swing and we’re excited to share insights, suggestions and guidance with those of you who asked questions about your personal solopreneur journey.

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Since it’s been a minute (more like 3 months!) since we chatted with Dawn, we had a quick catch up to start the show. She filled us in on what’s been going on in her life, including how the California wildfires impacted her and her family. Almost everything they owned was ruined either by fire, smoke or soot. We’re so grateful she and her loved ones are safe and sound. And to officially thank her and welcome her back, we brought her to Studio 86 today to answer your questions.

So let’s jump right in and hear what’s going on with all of you!

Our first question came from Dave Tooney, a member of SoloLab. Dave wanted to know how to connect with and network with folks using online methods. He lives in a not-so-entrepreneurial region and needed some ideas on how to find people, build relationships and grow his business in an online way. And we told him the Gary V approach works great in his situation: find Facebook groups and become the go-to person in them by providing value in that group. You can build a reputation and a true, trusting connection with your audience this way.

The next question was from Taylor and he wants to know how to scratch his solopreneur itch. He’s got a great job with a marketing firm that pays him well and he enjoys it but he’s always wanted to build his own thing. He has many interests so we suggest two things: Choose the interest that you can imagine talking about, thinking about and being involved in for the next 5 years. Once you’ve picked that thing, remember you are good enough and you do know enough! Then listen to episode 133 for the 8 steps and follow them…you’ll be on your way.

Our third write-in is from Dreama. She is a registered nurse who has an interest in alternative health for chronic conditions. She wants to start a podcast but thinks she needs to narrow down a topic. Both Dawn and I agree, she needs to niche down into a specific focus. Once she’s done that, she can play up her nursing background to show her expertise and work on building a community of followers. She – and every solopreneur – really only needs about 100 people to make a six-figure income and we explain how.

You’ll also discover things like:

  • Can podcasts and other subject material be considered “one of the five people you surround yourself with”?
  • How to create a connection by courting your mentors.
  • Why you only need 100 people in your tribe to make a six-figure income.
  • How to connect and engage an audience that isn’t on social media.
  • Why creating a repeat customer is easier than acquiring a new one: Dawn explains.
  • And so very much more!




The fourth question comes from Michael. He has created a passive income from a previous endeavor and is now building  a business based on helping large companies with their AdWords campaigns. But he is often approached by smaller companies; he cannot work with them because his fee structure is based on a percentage of the ad spend. Smaller companies don’t spend enough to make it feasible for him but he wants to offer a course or something to help those companies and to create an additional income source for himself. This is Dawn’s area of expertise so she gives Michael some sound advice on how to move forward with a course and/or a membership site.

Mary is our fifth listener to chime in. She’s a marriage and family therapist who will be moving to a new state next year and wants an income source to help while she’s going through the lengthy application process in her new state. She’s very interested in multiple topics so I suggest she start a blog and incorporate all her interests there under one “roof”.

Next up is Michael Green, one of the co-founders of the podcast “People Behind The Science”. He’s had a challenge connecting with his scientific community because they are quiet and don’t do a lot on social media. The main advice we both had for him was to create a community for them and find a way to bring them group together. Specifically, he can use his podcast to bring on an expert who will answer their questions. It’s like a Find Your Swing type show for their podcast.

And last but not least is Craig. Craig, a comedy writer, simply wants to know if by listening to the people he admires most, if he can count them as some of the 5 people he surrounds himself with. And the answer is absolutely! Listen to their podcasts, read their books and get yourself to the events they are at. When you meet them in person, offer to buy them a drink to pick their brain. And you should also join their mastermind groups, buy their courses, etc. Do whatever you can to absorb whatever knowledge they have.

Thank you to everyone who wrote in with their questions. Dawn and I love chatting with you and offering whatever we can in the way of advice and suggestions. Everyone is in different places in their journeys and this show is the perfect way we get to highlight that for ALL of our listeners, not just the ones who write in! If you have a question for the next FYS, drop me a note on the contact page. Thank you!

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