imagesDid you know YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet today? That is reason enough to pay attention to our guest for show 136, Amy Schmittauer, the lovely and vivacious woman behind the vlog Savvy, Sexy Social.

On this show, Amy shares her thoughts and suggestions on how to create a great video without spending a lot of money, who should be creating content and for what industries and why. Join us to hear all of that and so very much more on the 136th episode The Solopreneur Hour.

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Long before Amy became savvy sexy social, she was a youngster in Ohio. And believe it or not, she was NOT a ham! Amy says her mom doesn’t have any photos of her as a child because she threw them all away…Amy was not a fan of the camera growing up.

To hear how that changed, we discuss Amy’s previous life prior to Savvy Sexy Social. While earning her degree in political science at Ohio State University, Amy went to work for a law firm to see if she really wanted to be a lawyer “when she grew up”.

For the first 1.5 years at the firm, she was a receptionist (which she hated). But when the newly-elected governor of the state took office, she convinced the law firm to let her work on his fundraising campaign. And for the next 4 years, that’s what she did and she learned a tremendous amount about working with people and in her words, common sense.

You’ll also discover things like:

  • What is veda?
  • The proper mindset to create before writing an email or shooting a video.
  • What’s the sexy in savvy, sexy social?
  • What is B roll and when do you use it?
  • Who should be vlogging today?
  • And lots more!



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About three years into that position, Amy found the wonderful world of marketing and something inside of her was lit.

Like so many solopreneurs face on their journey, Amy was at a critical juncture. She could either continue her work, she had a great job with good money and she really enjoyed it; or, she could follow her heart and her gut and go on her own. She knew she had to make the leap into this industry and she had to do it with her own business.

Amy had come to that all-important moment: she was about to become unemployable.

Her next step was to take a portfolio-building gig at Bath and Body Works as a copywriter. She says it was great for about a month and then it was a catastrophe.

So she created her vlog and began sharing herself with the world via video. She had become an ardent fan of YouTube and had watched enough videos to know what made one good and the other not as good.

She also knew she wanted to position herself as a thought leader and she needed to let the world know who she was and what she was about. Amy knew the key was offering her audience an inside look that showed people why she was different, a powerful story-telling technique. She knew she’d find her tribe this way.

And so began her vlogging journey, a journey that has given her tremendous knowledge about the video world, who should be creating videos and why, what works and what doesn’t – all of which she shares in this episode.

However one of the greatest lessons she gives is to just get started. And as long as you’re committed to creating great videos, you’ll figure it out along the way. Just do it, put it out there and learn as you go. Whether creating videos or not, that’s a critical lesson we can all come back to at every juncture in our businesses.

Amy was such a fun guest, I really loved having her on the show. After you listen, drop a note and say thanks for being on the show! You can leave a message in the comments below or send her a shout out on Twitter.

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