Franco GonzalezToday’s guest is Franco Gonzalez, who I affectionately call “The Charlie Hustle of Marketing”. (  First of all, Franco is a MACHINE.  His “motor” to provide content and great value to his students and business partners is legendary.  Born to a blue-collar family that equated callouses on their hands to “work”, his musical and sports childhood instilled a “drive” and “hustle” in him that is rarely recreated.

In this great conversation, Franco shares how he got over his fears of leaving a job that he’d trained 8 years to do, what happened when he discovered how he could make money working from home, and the true secret to financial success by being a selfless leader.  He shares that he FAILS every single day, but each failure is a learning process.  In his journey, if he had to completely break it down, here’s the secret to success:

1.  Understand the basic principles of your chosen niche.  Study study study.  Master the Fundamentals. (i.e..go to conventions, etc…)
2.  Understand that marketing and success is about pleasing your audience. How can you best SERVE your customer.  It’s not about you.

About Strangers:  “Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet”

Franco’s ancient philosophy about “haters” (told to him by a guru a the top of a mountain) :  “They hate ya cause they ain’t ya!”

You’ve got to take action:  “You don’t have to get it right…you have to get it going.”

We got into a TON of resources at the end of the show:

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