mtoWelcome to another addition of The Solopreneur Hour. Today we’re doing another installment of answering your Facebook questions. This is exactly what I do with my coaching clients, either private or in SoloLab. So if you want a taste of that, chime in with your question and I’ll do my best to answer them on these shows.

And I love hearing from all of you so keep asking! And in this episode I’ve got a special treat for you at the end…so stay tuned!


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There are tons of question so let’s just jump on in! Here we go…


Ronsley Vaz
I love these episodes… big big value. My question is “What is the best way to create partnerships with brands that are serving the same or similar target markets? And, what’s the best types of products to partner with?”


Steve Gilchrist
Can I reserve a desk at your future solowarehouse google campus type office garage house thing??


Brent Danis
What is the best way to land speaking gigs after releasing an Ebook?


Sean Ackerman
What is the best way to drive engagement? Or stated differently how do I bring listeners out of there shells? I feel like the avalanche will start but I need the first few small snowflakes to kick it off!


Mike Kelley
How about discussing how you find people to interview for your podcast? With putting out a podcast almost everyday I would think that it could become difficult finding a constant source of good people to interview… or is it pretty easy?


Molly Richardson
What is the best way to cross promote podcast interviews? So if I am on someone else’s show and then they hop onto our show.. do you just do completely separate episodes/promoting like normal?


Christine Kaczmar
Would love to see you hold a weekend mastermind event for solo lab members. Any plans in the works? If so, would love to help out in any way. Thanks, Michael.


Chris Small
I want to know what your typical week looks like. I know you say you aren’t that structured but I’ve got a feeling there are some patterns to what you do. The more specific the better.


Ryan Skelly
When are you going to have me back on? haha – but in all seriousness – how are you structuring your weeks now-a-days? And when is your course going to be done – so I can promote it bro!?


Thom Singer
What makes you decide someone “not known” should be a guest on your show?


George Cuevas
Pros and Cons of having a subscription based info/education product VS a large one time purchase.


Rey Brown
Between doing your own podcast, being a guest on others, and rocking out on your drums what do you do to rest your vocals. Speaking of drums, I soooo want you to do a Black Keys cover. Maybe “Tighten Up” “Turn Blue” or “Howlin’ For You”!


Jon Wilson
What can the beginner podcaster expect in terms of time commitment for a new, once per week show. I am figuring each episode will be about 45 minutes. Granted, I know “it depends,” but rough estimate for show prep, show notes, booking, post production, etc. Am I close with an estimate of 3x show length?


Luke McClure

  1. How did you invite guests when you were first starting out?
  2. What 5 steps would you say are the top 5 keys to launching a successful podcast?


Dwain Scott
When are you going to have David Ralph on as a guest?!


Sue Faunt
San Diego is a great place to live, but if you were to move, what would be your next location choice?







Kathleen Kelly
What, in your opinion, is the best business model for a service-based online business? (And when is the next Find Your Swing episode?!)


Ryan Skelly
Do you even lift bro?


Luke McClure
What are the main principles that you believe are responsible for the success of your podcast? Please be specific!


Chris Mathews
London this year?


Jessica Shaanan

  1. How do you start talking to and following up with the “hard to get” guests on your show?
  2. Can you give details of one that took work to connect with who did end up on the show?
  3. How does it translate to solopreneurs who happen to meet someone they’d love to start developing a relationship with, but have difficulty connecting or approaching? Any “don’t do’s” in particular?


Damian Taafemcmenamy

  1. What do you do when you are feeling like you are maxing out your capacity, but you also feel like you need to do more work.
  2. Do you focus on being more efficient, so you can do more or focus on what you are doing already and try to make it better?


Wade Sarver
How about moving from to on a host, so you have a procedure to do that? Is there an easy way? I own my domain, just need to move.


Jessica Shaanan
Why that specific order for your sexy 6?


Harold Rhee
When interviewing someone would you recommend that we ask for a verbal or written release? Thank you!


Paul Smart

  1. Why didn’t you play drums on the new outro?
  2. Seriously tho. In your latest interview you spoke about using feedburner to measure stats and libsyn to measure stats. I am guessing libsyn gives you downloads per episode, regardless of platform. And feedburner gives you stats of how many people are subscribing through itunes? Also it gives the ability to change podcast hosting, should you want to.
  3. What is your process for publishing a podcast, post editing? Upload to libsyn, set the publishing date in the future. Create the post on your site with a future publishing date. Load up Buffer with all the sharing and future dates? Or do you do it all live? Upload, post immediately, share immediately, etc?


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