pmThe Solopreneur Hour brings you a special edition for show 151. We’re coming to you live from the first annual Podcast Movement! Joining us today is  a Who’s Who of podcasting. This elite guest panel features eight fabulous co-hosts: Natalie Sisson and Jaime Tardy, Greg Hickman and Molly Richardson, Chris Cerrone and Kirsty Bartholomew, then we finish up with John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson. I like to call them The Great Eight!

I chat with each duo for 15 minutes and we cover everything you’ve ever wanted to know about podcasting, as told from eight different perspectives. Hear what it’s like for new podcasters and veterans alike. Join us for this fun, informative and live episode of The Solopreneur Hour.

More About This Show

First up is Natalie and Jaime. Both have been guests on the show (see the resources section for links) previously and it is a pleasure to have them back with us. These lovely ladies you may recognize: Natalie’s brand is The Suitcase Entrepreneur and Jaime Tardy is the woman behind the scenes at The Eventual Millionaire.

Jaime is well on her way to being an eventual billionaire and Natalie has been on the road living out of her suitcase for four years now! She’s slowing down a bit and spending four months in New Zealand soon. We talk about where Jaime was living when she got her start, what Natalie and Jaime both use for their set up. Natalie shares how she lands her guests (she tells us if getting a slinky dress helps her cause at all) and how far in advance they both record their shows.

Next up Greg and Molly take the stage. Greg has been with us on The Solopreneur Hour before (again check the resources section) and Molly is a new addition. Greg is the man at the helm of the Mixed Media, a brand all about the advantages of mobile media. And Molly is the co-host of Ok 2 B LGBT, a podcast for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. She’s also a member of SoloLab. Molly shares what it’s like to ride the wave of New & Noteworthy and what her show has planned after those eight weeks, how it will be evolving into an interview style format.

You’ll also discover things like:

  • What’s up next for Natalie and Jaime?
  • Why you need to build community before you monetize.
  • Who joined The Trunk Club first: Greg or Pat Flynn?
  • Why talking to yourself helps you create your ideal avatar.
  • Of the 694 quotes he’s heard, which describes John the best?
  • And lots more!

For our third set of co-hosts we have Chris Cerrone of The Chris Cerrone Show and Kirsty Bartholomew of The Untrapped Life. Both are podcasters (obviously, that’s why they are on this panel) and are also members of SoloLab. Chris does some of the best interviewing of anyone out there today and Kirsty made the trek all the way from England to be with us! Kirsty shares what it was like to take her branding experience from “rubbish” to nailing it, it was NOT easy! And Chris tells us how his show has evolved from a one-man show to a dynamic, co-hosting interview session.

And we wrap up with the one and only Entrepreneur on Fire team of John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson. John has visited the show three times in the past making this his fourth appearance and Kate joins us a second time. Kate chats with us about how her podcast came to be, what fears she faced and how she’s made the transition from being the queen behind EOF to having her own voice out in the world. John’s newest addition to the podcasting world, what he had to do to get to Podcast Movement and why he’s wearing sunglasses during the entire conference.

With John and Kate, we talk about John’s hustle and where his genius lies. He’s not afraid to fail, he simply goes for it and makes adjustments as needed. He does everything he can to provide value to their audience and the world at large.

Kate shares the long-term view for her podcast: she says you can’t determine what something will be in a year. She has no “house” built around Kate’s Take, her listeners and her community will help her expand and direct it where they want it to go. And that’s a necessary lesson for all solopreneurs: get your idea out there, let your audience tell you where to go next in terms of conversations, products and the future.

Wherever you are in your podcast journey, you’re going to learn a ton from this show. The great eight were amazing! They all provided value on this show and on every episode of their own shows. Please join me in thanking them for their time, their energy and their contribution to The Solopreneur Hour and the podcasting world at large. Thanks for being with us!


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