One of the most important parts of growing your business as a solopreneur is going to events. And that’s what I’ve been up to the last two weeks!

I’m super excited to share it with you in this episode of The Solopreneur Hour. We’ll chat about Isagenix, my network marketing company’s annual event and how being involved in that company led to this show. And, as per our usual Friday, we answer your questions in the 156th episode of The Solopreneur Hour.

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And now on to the show….

More About This Show

It’s fascinating how one event can shift things for you, it did for me. A few years ago, after reading The E-Myth Revisited, I knew network marketing was worth looking at. Isagenix was a company several of my friends had had great results with so I explored it.

I made it to their annual conference, and loved the business model but even more so, I felt I had found a new family. For the next few years I built a solid business and amazing relationships within the company and because of the company.

Specifically, my friendship with Pat Flynn started because I was creating Social Media Ninja Tactics and asked him a question then sent him an iTunes gift card. Social Media Ninja Tactics is a social media training course which I developed as a result of building my Isagenix business on social media and then touring to help other network marketers do the same and do it the right way.

Another pivotal connection and experience I had as a result of Isagenix, was being the producer for The Kick-Ass Life. David Wood approached me about social media and I suggested he do a podcast … and so it began!

Without those two experiences, this show would never have been born. So not only is it important to attend events – as many as you can – but it’s also important to pivot, grow and continue where the road takes you on your solopreneur journey.

Speaking of pivoting, the second half of the show is when I answer your questions. So let’s see what you asked this week!


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Lara Loest 
1. If you could only listen to or watch one comedian for the rest of your life, who would it be?

2. If you could ask your mom and dad just one question each, what would you ask?

Rey Brown 
You and I are both prepping to release a product. You have experience with training products, I don’t.

What’s a checklist or flow I should go through leading up to the launch date so I cross my T’s dot my i’s, build this thing right, market it right, and blow everyone’s mind away.

Bob Nolley 
What’s on your vision board now?

Scott W. Mulvaney 
Top examples of how to truly attract and grow your audience. I’m specifically asking about techniques and best practices in blog writing, or those themes in image posting, for example.

Summed up, what do “you” look for in themes that attract and show you the writer/poster has a clue enough for you to follow them. For someone who doesn’t have a heavy audience and is trying to grow organically and is already posting daily on FB, Twitter, and Instagram, this underlying knowledge/technique is important.

Tony Manzo 
Are there any headphones with the boom mic built in with sound quality good enough for a quality podcast? (under $250)

Sean Ackerman 
Michael, you’ve landed a fantastic guest, but the audio quality is subpar, even if you are tweaking it on your side. Do you still release the episode? Re- schedule and possibly lose the chance at this guest? Thoughts?

Sue B. Zimmerman 
Love this behinds the scenes pic.


Jim Hrbek
How is your business structured?

Michael Staley 
After you had a couple episodes in the can, What was the 1st step you took to your market The Solopreneur Hour? Would you do something different now?

Wade Danielson 
What has separated you and your podcast from the sea of competition? Average podcasts seem to get stuck around 100 – 200 downloads after N&N, what was/is your greatest asset to building an audience?

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