IMG_9356It’s that time of the week again! It’s time for The Solopreneur Hour Friday Q&A session. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows to record. If this is your first listen to a Friday Q&A, we spend the hour answering the questions you submitted in our Unemployables Facebook group and in SoloLab.

And you all ask a wide variety of questions! I love answering any and all of them, it’s so great to hear from you and to get to know you. If you want to participate in the next Q&A, look for my post on the preceding Wednesday and send your questions in.

For episode 159,  we also chat about some exciting guests coming up for the show and an awesome event in October! Have a listen to find out more.

More About This Show

Before we get to your questions, I share my thoughts on the importance of exceptional customer service and how my latest experience on a staycation set the bar higher than it’s been set before. It’s a great lesson in going above and beyond for anyone in any industry.

Speaking of exceptional, I’ve been invited to be the keynote speaker at The Outlier Conference hosted by Outlier magazine. While this is excpetional in and of itself, the location is phenomenal: it’s at the base of Zion National Park which is one of the most exceptional locations in the country. We’re bringing as many Unemployables as possible so write these dates down: Oct. 22-24 and get there!

And finally, I’ve got an update for you on the plan for Isagenix. This is the team we are creating for those of us who want to be in Isagenix, either as business builders or as product users. For the business builders, we’re doing it right. I’m creating step by step training guides for all of you, let’s break that MLM stigma out there and show everyone the best way to run a network marketing business.

If you want to know more about Isagenix and what IsaLab will be all about, go to the Contact page on The Solopreneur Hour site and tell me you’re interested.

Now that we’ve covered all those bases, let’s dive into your questions!

Lara Loest 

The childhood smell question…that’s what I want to know.

Thom Singer 
If you were launching a podcast on Oct 1st (one month from now)… What three things would you do? (Oh- coincidently I am launching then).

Vagarro Willie 
Would you consider or do you see yourself incorporating your partner (Jessica) into your Solopreneur hour landscape. If so how do you see her fitting in and bring value?

Sean Ackerman 
If you weren’t podcasting tomorrow for whatever reason, where do you see you putting your talents to use?

Tony Manzo 
Which state is the best to form an LLC in? Do you, Michael O’Neal, do it yourself or do you use a service like a “Legal Zoom” ? Thanks!

Lisa Cummings 
What are your top 3 destinations for your work-from-around-the-world plan?

Damian Taafemcmenamy 
How do you use opportunities to be on other people’s shows or of articles written about what you are doing. Is there a strategy to leveraging these events?

Rey Brown 
If you were head engineer of Apple and you’ve been tasked with creating the iPhone 6. What capabilities would you give the phone?

Dwain Scott 
Dang Rey took my question! When developing a product do you think it is better to develop a single level or multi level product hoping that the customer picks the mid level? Three price points with more given at each higher price point?

Neil Smith 
Can I snort Isagenix?

Jim Hrbek 
Here is a podcasting question… I just read that the best days to have follower interaction is Mon, Tues, and Wed. But I heard a while ago the best days to post if you are doing 3 a week is Mon, Wed, Fri.

I am less than a month away from my target launch date. I want as much interaction as possible, should I switch my days to Mon-Wed?

Jonny Keeley 
If time and money wasn’t an issue what would you do to help change the world?

Hector Rodriguez 
What are the top 5 essential skills for any solopreneur?

Paul Smart 
Do you still ride a bike? What is your stead? Favourite ride? Country, hills or commute? Vineyard?

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