headshotHey everyone! This is the first “Solo” show of the Solopreneur Hour.  We talk about something VERY near and dear to my heart…Facebook marketing.  You THINK you know a ton about Facebook, but did you know this?

  • How “When Harry Met Sally” can teach you how to run a Facebook Marketing Campaign?
  • The phrase that will completely TURN OFF all potential buyers?
  • How often to post about your business?
  • The correct way to celebrate clients and teammates?
  • Why it’s so important to grow your network?

There are 1.1 BILLION people on Facebook.  Don’t be silly…learn to take advantage of the greatest relationship-building tool in the world.  This training is not about “tools”…it’s about HOW and WHY to begin building relationships on Facebook

Link to the NINJA Tactics Training:


WARNING!!  My data tells me that 70% of people that buy this course (and most courses) NEVER LOG INTO IT. Not even once.  Don’t irritate me by purchasing it, and never using it.  Buy the thing, DIVE into it.  Absorb the material.  Then kick ass at Facebook, and be the envy of your other solopreneur friends.

If you think you can do that, and you are a Solopreneur that TAKES ACTION, then click this link:


See you next time.