crazykenyon_smIf I say the words “bucket list life”, what comes to mind? Do you think about the things you want to check off your bucket list? Do you think about how your solopreneur journey is going to help you check those things off or do you just start daydreaming about what your next adventure is?

For our guest on today’s show, the bucket list life is more than a list of adventures, places and experiences to check off his list. For Kenyon Salo, thriller seeker extraordinaire and our co-host for episode 160,  it is his brand. Kenyon is a former pro snowboarder, professional BASE jumper, skydiver and father of two.

Join us as we talk about what the the bucket list life means to him, how he arrived at the concept, the importance of branding in creating it, the five pillars we can all implement to lead our own bucket list lives and oh so much more!

More About This Show

Kenyon and I originally met through our mutual friend, JJ Collier who has previously been on the show. (Check the resources section for the link to his episode). Kenyon was a professional snowboarder when he and JJ became friends, but it wasn’t until JJ was leaving for France and had a going away party that we were introduced.

Fast forward a a few more years down the road: when I had returned from Europe and just read The E-Myth Revisited, I wanted to get involved in network marketing so I reached out to Kenyon. I knew he was doing something with an MLM company in the health industry. We chatted about it and Kenyon invited me to the company’s annual convention in Anaheim. That one event turned everything on its head for me, I got on board with Isagenix and Kenyon and I became not only business partners, but fast friends.

For the next three years, we built our Isagenix businesses together. But as life sometimes does, we went our separate ways. We were both searching for something and over time, we found it. I created The Solopreneur Hour and he created The Bucket List Life. Because nothing trumps relationships, we’ve since reconnected and today we share what it’s been like for both of us to find our way to our respective brands.

You’ll also discover things like:

  • The science behind why one person is a thrill seeker, and another is not.
  • What was Kenyon’s first branding attempt and how did it lead him to where he is today?
  • His 80/20 rule for social media.
  • When to boost Facebook posts and why: Kenyon shares.
  • The five pillars of The Bucket List Life: what are they and how can you implement them?
  • And lots more!





In this episode, Kenyon tells us the story of how his brand came to be. It’s an important lesson for all solopreneurs because when you hear it, you’ll understand how to know when you find your “it”. Kenyon knew he’d found his “it” on Christmas Day at 3am of 2013. He was home alone, having dropped his two children off at their mom’s and his then-girlfriend was off with her family. There were no holiday decorations up, no Christmas tree, not even a holiday card. Really questioning what he was doing and where he was going, Kenyon went to sleep for the night.

At 2am he sat bolt upright in bed and asked himself: What am I doing? He still didn’t have an answer, so he started writing. He wrote down all the things he loved and the words “bucket list” kept popping up for him because of his adventure background. And he thought the concept wasn’t quite there because it was too focused on him, he wanted something that impacted others. And then inspiration struck: the bucket list life! It could be a brand devoted to inspire others to pursue their own bucket lists and help others check items off their bucket lists; it would be a brand about adventure and inspiration for others, whatever that looked like for them.

Kenyon had found his “it”. He created a Facebook page for the group and that was his way of telling the world he was in business. He has since built a page that presently has over 40,000 likes and a ton of engagement. He generates the activity by posting 12 times a day using his own 80/20 rule: 80% of the page’s posts are about others and 20% are about him.

One of the most important lessons Kenyon highlights for all of us solopreneurs is how our past and our experiences lead us and shape us to create our ideal brands. Because of his background in adventure and thrill-seeking activities, he wanted to be an adventure coach. As fate would have it, someone overheard him say so and talked with him about Isagenix. He too went to the company’s annual convention and was onboard after he did. He saw the opportunity to be an adventure coach and help people create adventurous lives through Isagenix.

But when that brand felt like it was boxing him in, he pivoted. He did some soul-searching to find out what he really was all about and what he wanted to bring to the world, and that led him to create The Bucket List Life. Today he travels the world helping other people fulfill their bucket list items and he has a blast in the process!

Please join me in thanking Kenyon for being here and telling all of us the story of The Bucket List Life. It was great fun to catch up with my old friend and to share that chat with all of you on the 160th episode of The Solopreneur Hour. I hope you enjoyed the show as much we did! Leave a comment or send a Tweet and let us know. See you next time!

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