1502770_10204483754002207_7792369796880799868_oHere to celebrate Veterans Day, a national holiday in the US, is friend of the show and previous co-host Matt Rockwell. Matt is a veteran who spent 12 years serving the United States Navy. If you missed his previous visit to the show be sure to tune in today, Matt is a wealth of knowledge on many topics including solopreneurship and quality audio!

On today’s show we’ll talk about what it was like being in the Navy, how it prepared him for life as a solopreneur and one of his favorite topics: being an audiophile. Joining us for all of that and more on the 188th episode of The Solopreneur Hour.

Note…if we start talking audio, and you tune out because it’s not your thing, that’s quite alright. 🙂

More About This Show
If you’ve missed Matt’s previous visit to the show you can find it here. As a brief recap, Matt and I originally met through a network marketing company we are both a part of. Matt spends his days helping others with that company, Isagenix, and does what he does because he believes in sowing the seeds of tomorrow.

At this point in his career Matt doesn’t need to work for money, instead he works to help other people make a living. He understands, as he explains it, that every dollar he has ever made has come from someone else. Money is never created, nor destroyed it simply moves from Point A to Point B. He helps people make themselves Point B!

But what prepared him to be where he is today were his past experiences, including his time in the Navy. On today’s show Matt talks about his 12 years in service. We discuss boot camp and what it’s really like, it’s not what you’d expect based on movies. And how the psychological testing his instructors used helped prepare him for his time on a naval carrier. He was stationed on the JFK and did three tours on the carrier, that’s three tours of being out at sea on a boat in the middle of the ocean!

The Finer Details of This Show Include:

  • What’s different about how we treat our veterans today?
  • How much truth is there to the depiction of war in movies?
  • Job security is where, according to Matt?
  • What’s the definition of rich?
  • The difference between a philanthropist and an activist.
  • And loads more!

According to Matt doing so was a lot like being a solopreneur. When you’re on a boat in the middle of nowhere you can’t call FedEx to have something delivered to help you, you have to figure it out and make it happen with whatever resources you have at your disposal.

Many of us have had the same experience during our solopreneur journeys: if we don’t have unlimited time or money (an unlikely event for anyone), we have to figure things out with what we’ve got, do our best and pray it works. It’s that kind of fortitude and ingenuity that helped Matt become so successful later in the corporate world and then eventually with his present day Isagenix business.

Another trait Matt acquired while in the Navy is perspective. He learned how to view circumstances as simply part of the experience, and not the defining characteristic of an event. He discovered how to see the trees within the forest and vice versa. That’s a long-winded way of explaining the Navy taught him to not let anything get in his way! Everything is figure-out-able, especially when you take on that perspective in a situation. Clearly that’s also an incredibly valuable trait to have as a solopreneur.

Matt and I go into greater detail on his time with the Navy, including some Top Gun and Tom Cruise talk, before switching gears to the wide world of audio. Matt is a true audiophile as you’ll hear on today’s show as well as previous episodes.

We spend a good amount of time talking about which brands are best if you’re just getting into audio, including some of the basics you’ll need for a great sound system on a smaller budget. Matt gives us the low-down on what company to buy what gear from, as well as numerous resources to use on the web.

Whether you’re talking audio equipment, network marketing, or solopreneurship Matt is an expert! He generously shares his knowledge on multiple topics on today’s show and it was a true pleasure to have him here. I’m happy to honor him and all veterans everywhere, thank you all for your service and thanks to all of you for tuning in. We’ll see you next time!

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