annaAs solopreneurs we all dream about that day when we “make it” in our business and our definition of “making it” is varied as our business ideas. But do you think you’ll simply stop dreaming, stop creating and stop evolving on that day?

Probably not, not if you’re really going to pursue the true solopeneur path. Here to talk about her personal experience of “making it” and sustaining a solopreneur career is our lovely and talented voiceover and podcaster friend Anna Vocino.

Join us as we talk about all of that and more on the 196th episode of The Solopreneur Hour.

More About This Show

In case you’ve missed any of Anna’s previous visits to the show, there have been three, you can have a listen here. We don’t cover too much of her backstory on today’s episode because we’ve done that previously, but here’s a quick recap: Anna is a performer and actress who has been a successful voiceover artist for nearly 20 years. She’s also a gluten-free guru who co-hosts a podcast with another friend of the show, Vinnie Tortorich.

Being the consummate solopreneur you must be to succeed in her world, Anna is working on numerous projects right now including a gluten-free cookbook. We chat about her cookbook, what life has been like since she appeared as Siri on Jimmy Kimmel Live (you can see the video here) and how she stays fresh, and relevant.

In Hollywood, like other industries, themes and topics are cyclical. If you look at the podcasting world in comparison, it holds true. How many variations of “inspirational” entrepreneur-related podcasts are out there? A ton, and these shows wanted to follow in the successful footsteps of a previous few.

Hollywood is similar: one actor becomes hot, everyone wants him or her and if they can’t get that person they want the next version of him or her. Then someone else successful blooms and everyone wants him/her or the next possible version, it’s a cycle.

I wondered if Anna had this experience after being on Jimmy Kimmel as Siri. She says it wasn’t quite like that after the Siri video went viral, but she has experienced that in the past. So how does she stay fresh and relevant in a world that’s so heavily geared towards the next new flavor? Recently she’s found that by being confident in herself and her own abilities, she’s able to bring in more opportunities for satisfying, fulfilling work.

More About This Show:

  • Was there ever a dream gig Anna wanted, but didn’t get that she ever regretted?
  • What does a car with no engine have to do with your solopreneurial dreams?
  • The funny story behind why she quit a receptionist job.
  • Who is the Mr. X in her life?
  • How you can reach Yoda.
  • And SO much more!

She used to believe that if she landed a certain project it would lead to bigger and better. While it’s still important to allow ourselves to dream like that, it’s our nature as humans to do so, she also understands now that she is the one who determines the “bigger and better”, it’s not about landing certain projects to get that. Anna gives a great personal story that highlights this, listen and then consider where this is relevant for you.

We talk about a number of other topics, including the impact of entrepreneurship on a relationship and the plethora of work in Hollywood right now, but one subject we’ll highlight right now is her cookbook. Anna has been gluten-free for 12 years, and it was this shift in eating that paved the way for her co-hosting of The Angriest Trainer podcast with Vinnie.

Although she never thought she’d be in the health industry, today she’s in the process of writing and self-publishing a cookbook. She wants to share her recipes with others to help them explore healthier eating options. She’s tired of the fear and the shame that surrounds diet and fitness, and believes the industry is largely based on a sham.

She says we don’t need the latest diet fad or pill, we need to eat more whole foods, stop eating processed stuff and get active. It’s that simple. And her cookbook will be full of recipes that use whole, real foods so we can all make the shift to health a little bit easier.

We talked at length about what the process of creating and self-publishing has been like for her, the ups and downs and the journey itself. As a solopreneur, it’s simply one more project she’s creating within her own brand. It’s important to pay attention to what she’s experienced during her cookbook process and apply it to wherever you are in your journey.

Please join me in thanking Anna for making her fourth appearance on the show; she’s always full of laughter and wisdom, and today’s episode is no exception! And a great big thanks to all of you for listening in, it’s a joy to have you here and we’ll see you next time!

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