dawnInternet Marketing Guruette Dawn Marrs (https://dawnmarrs.com) and Michael hang out on The Solopreneur Hour and talk about how to leave your corporate job, what path to choose for your new career after you “fire your boss”, some great resources to get you started thinking in the right way, the 5 books every solopreneur should read, and more!

Great Web Resources To Learn From:

Internet Marketing, Podcasting, Affiliate Marketing:  Pat Flynn & SmartPassiveIncome.com
Social Media Training for Solopreneurs: https://itsaboutsocial.com/offer
Dawn’s Great FREE Webinar: How To Make Your First $350 Online, Without Spending Any Money: https://www.dawnmarrs.com/freewebinar
Video Genesis: https://videogenesis.com/

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Great Podcast To Listen To About Rethinking Money:



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