Mike Johnston from MIkeslessons.comOne of the great things about doing this show is getting to talk to incredible, successful (and cool) and innovative Solopreneurs.  Today is no exception.  Mike Johnston of https://mikeslessons.com/ has taken one of the most common service jobs (a music teacher) and turned it into a 6 figure per month business.  Once we catch up a bit, this chat really digs into the nuts and bolts of creating your business and scaling yourself. He may be the only true “Drummerpreneur” I know. Don’t miss this one.

Plenty of links for you:

https://solohourbook.com (FREE Audiobook Download)

your Co-host, drumming: https://www.youtube.com/drumteacher76

Your host, drumming: https://youtube.com/mikeplaysdrumsdenver (The contrast between these two is rather laughable.)

Mike Johnston at the Floyd Kennedy Drum Festival